March 1, 2013

Like a Lamb...

2 months in and this year is looking pretty good.  There are a few things lacking - I haven't seen 3 of my college friends yet this year, I haven't finished any of my home improvement projects and I haven't seen Justin's Iowa family.  So, how do we fix these things?

Number 1 - go to Eau Claire tomorrow to see KENDRA and the two cutest kids in Wisconsin.  
Number 2 - buy some carpet and paint and get moving on the upstairs.  
Number 3 - decide how and when we are going to celebrate Justin's Grandma's 80th birthday. I'm secretly hoping everyone decides to go to Okoboji because I love it there SO MUCH!

Anyways, welcome to March.  They say if it comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb.  Here is what the forecast looks like:

I might need to start preparing myself for the end of March being super nasty.  Good thing I'm planning to take advantage of the weather this weekend.  Here are some notes to other people and things (I'm feeling a little bossy today)... I hope they are listening.

Dear J - I hope you are excited for sake and sushi since I've decided in the last five minutes that that is our dinner plan.  Thanks in advance for rolling with the punches.  Also, thanks for singing 80's ballads in the car with me tomorrow on our mini road trip and playing drums on the steering wheel.  I love when I can see the future. 

Dear Cube Neighbor - Shut up that you're leaving for Mexico... it's making me jealous and I can't even imagine that I talked nonstop about my trips for weeks before I actually left.

Dear Batman - The Dark Knight Rises was too long for Thursday night movie night and I'm tired.  You are still incredibly bad ass even though you got super weird kisses from Anne Hathaway.  I know she's wearing head to toe leather, but doesn't she drive you a little crazy?  Also, Tom Hardy is hot and I wish you picked him to be your robin.


Dear Quincy & Lola - Your endless search for the most comfortable position in the whole house has inspired me to play along this weekend.  I know that will upset one of you because you like as much space as possible and I will ruin that by trying to share the couch with you.  I'm sorry for that.  I will head straight to Trader Joe's now to buy you your favorite treats to make up for it.  

Dear Caramel - I have indulged in you a lot this week - in coffee, ice cream, chocolate and just plain off the top of a pie with my finger (sorry friends that ate it after I did that - I'm trying to be more classy).  Thanks for being such a good friend.

Dear Lady in the Toyota at Starbucks - I could hear you screaming at your employee from my car when your window was up.  I'm really sorry your day started off so horribly.  Hopefully your complimentary Grande Vanilla Latte brightened your day a little and helped bring your stress level down.  I also hope it helped your employee keep their job through the weekend at least.

Sorry for being random today.  My mind is kind of all over the place.  I will end with this:

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