March 7, 2013


Yes, I'm a rebel without a cause and I have no rhyme or reason to when I post these... Lots of people I follow do these on Sunday, but I will do it today.

That picture was emailed to me and I have no idea where it was found, but it makes me laugh all the time.  That is totally something my brother would have done as a kid.

So, here is what I'm currently...

Reading:  Lots of blogs.  There are a few that I love reading every day.  It's so nice to know that other people in this world are just a little weird like me.  Also, the more that I read, the more places I decide I need to visit... I wish I had a million dollars.  On the book front, I've been neglecting my bookshelf for a while and just sticking to the Kindle, but in the spirit of saving money in March, I've decided to pull out all the books I have not read yet, but I've been given.  Here are my options:

Eating:  Quinoa - all over the place.  I have a new found love for this food and the different things it can create.  How about this little recipe?

Listening to: These songs - they are helping me learn to slow down when I'm running so I can make it more than 3 blocks.  Apparently, when I listen to upbeat music, I tend to dance and run at the same time and it's exhausting.  P.S. If you like country music, check out Whitney Duncan's new CD.  She is the sweetest person.

Watching:  The Amazing Race and wishing I was one of the racers... Also, I got hooked on Hart of Dixie on Netflix.  Man, the CW makes the CHEESIEST shows.

Missing:  My guardian angels - more on that tomorrow.

Anticipating:  My next vacation.  It's not planned yet.  We haven't even decided on the destination, but my husband has to see one more baseball stadium before his 30th birthday in May, so we are headed to a new city soon.  Possibilities include Houston, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta or Phoenix.  I haven't even been back from Florida for a month and I'm ready for the next adventure.

Wishing for:  Donations for my pups.  They are doing the Walk for Animals (with me of course).  We joined a team that is walking in honor of our friend's dog that passed away last year.  Both of my dogs were adopted from the Humane Society and we will work forever to support them and send our  friends there when they are ready to add to their families.  Lola, especially, was rescued from a sad life and now she is a happy little girl in our house.  If you feel like giving a little today, please click on the link below :)  This won't be the last you hear about this either:

Animal Humane Society: Walk for Animals 2013

Drinking:  Wine, wine and canoe paddler - the new Leinie's spring ale.

Laughing at: My some ecards calendar, Taylor Swift's ridiculous lack of a sense of humor, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey in all of their awesomeness and maybe a little bit of this:

Loving: Justin Timberlake - what else is new? But I found this video and remembered how much I adore Jimmy Fallon as well.  JT is hosting SNL this week, so I love that too.

Beginning:  Spring cleaning... let's see how this really goes.


  1. I am always loving JT ...and drinking wine! BAHAH

    happy wednesday!

  2. Ahh I wanted to do that animal walk too, but I'm already doing a 5k that day!


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