March 22, 2013

Can't Touch This - My Vegas Souvenir

I love this song... about once a year.  It gets old kind of fast, but I have a shirt that says "Can't Touch This" and it brings back awesome memories, so here you go:

This picture was taken on a spring break vacation in 2007 when we were seniors in college.  We decided that a bunch of poor college girls belong in Vegas for spring break.  We ate a lot off the dollar menu and pretended to play penny slots while drinking as much as possible for free.  We purchased liquor off the strip to drink in our hotel rooms to save some money.  We took advantage of every single free attraction on the strip.  It is possible to do Vegas on a budget and it's so fun when you're with your best girl friends.

We got to our last morning at the Monte Carlo.  We weren't feeling that great and we all had to get on a flight to head back to cold and snowy MN.  We each did a bank account check to see if we were in the negative and magically we had some money left over.  Did we return home and pay for our gas to get back to school?  Nope, we knew our parents would help with that.  We bought XXXL matching pink "Vegas" shirts from the CVS, 16 oz Miller Lites and we ordered a limo to the airport.  It's not our fault that we have class.

These shirts are amazing and although they never fit (and I hope they never do), I can't bring myself to ever get rid of it.  Every time I catch a glimpse in my closet, it takes me back to that limo ride and the best (and only) spring break vacation I ever took.  Love you girls!  VIVA!!!!

Bottle in my band, camera case (?) around my neck - straight BALLIN' - This should help any new readers understand why I'm on a mission to insert a little more class into my life.  College did some weird things to me.

Happy Friday!


  1. We both wear questionabl clothing choices. Definitely why I LOVE you back!
    Ps - I LOVE THE NEW BLOG DESIGN! Is that the one you were tellin me about?

  2. Haha that shirt is amazing! Good song pick too :)

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower.. Cute blog! Yay for MC Hammer! I look forward to reading more of your posts!
    XO, Rachel
    With Love, Rachel


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