February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

I think I'm finally over the loss of my precious medallion... probably because I'm heading to Disneyworld so very soon.  I was able to enjoy my weekend even though I wasn't $10000 richer.  Friday night, we had an awesome ladies night.  Justin Bieber made a few appearances - obviously, we fall at the top of his priority list.

Sidenote:  My friends and I will all tell you we don't really care for the Biebs, but then we insert him into our photos every time we're together... jury is still out.

Lacey joined from work - J. Biebs stopped there first to visit her. 
Leah & Caroline's faces are WAY cuter than JB.
Saturday, we went to a fundraiser for the hockey team my dad coaches.  In MN, hockey fundraisers involve all you can eat ___ for ___ dollars and raffle tickets for _______ at a bar.  This was an all you can eat tacos for 5 dollars and raffle tickets for about 20 different gift baskets.  It was fun to hang out with my parents and we even won a hot cocoa basket complete with a mug done by a local potter and Trader Joe's hot cocoa and salted caramel chai tea.

Sunday, Justin went snowboarding in the morning with Brady, so I picked up Brady's wife and we went to a Sunday AM movie.  We met some friends there.  I dropped my large soda within minutes of being inside - SO embarassing.  We saw Silver Linings Playbook.  I absolutely loved it.  Bradley Cooper was amazing and so worthy of an Oscar nomination.  All the actors in the movie were phenomenal.  Surprising too, because I usually can't stand Julia Stiles and I even think she was great in her role.  I highly recommend it, especially if you're into football, dancing, movies that addresses mental/emotional distress, love stories and gambling.

Then the Superbowl, weird, we sat at home and only watched the commercials.  There were a few good ones, but nothing that was so amazing that I needed to post about it.  Beyonce was amazing.  The power outage was kind of pathetic - that's when we stopped watching completely.  The highlight was when I received this picture of my niece.  She was copying every single move Beyonce made with the a microphone in her hand.  I spy a diva in the making and wish her parents luck.  This girl has some stage presence and demands your attention.  And seriously, she is soooo cute.  Sing it girlfriend.

Oh yeah, and I'm leaving soon for FL and haven't packed a thing.  Oops.  Tonight will involve some wine, some Bravo TV and all my warm weather clothes being pulled from the closet.

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