February 18, 2013

Things I Learned This Weekend

I realized a few things about myself this weekend.
  1. I am officially obsessed with my dogs and I take an obscene amount of pictures of them.
  2. My nieces make me laugh more than anyone I know.
  3. I have a new guilty pleasure - Nora Roberts (I never thought that would be me.)
  4. I could eat Vegetable Rolls from any Sushi restaurant - including the grocery store (super classy) at least 6 times a week and not get sick of it.
  5. Peter Pan is a little creepy.
  6. I will never eat meat again.
Sounds like it would have been an exciting weekend.  Truth is, it was a nice and relaxing weekend.  Those are the best kind of weekends in the winter time.  

It was a rough week at work... like, seriously crazy busy.  What does an awesome boss do on Friday afternoon?  Send you home with a beer.

Friday night, we went out for my sissy's birthday and the whole family was there.  That's always the best.

That picture was not from Friday night, but I love it anyways.  It was her first time on the light rail in September - definitely picture worthy.  Anyways, the whole family was there, so we were able to give our nieces their souvenirs from Disneyworld.  They were more excited about the pretend credit cards (our leftover gift cards with no balance) than the actual toys that cost money.  

These girls also get extremely excited looking at pictures of themselves... I'm so proud.  So, the iphone is the best thing for them because they can look at themselves while taking the picture and then continue to look at it for a long period of time afterwards.  Here are my favorites from the evening.

Yes, Kennedy's new thing is duck lips.  Freaking cute!  After dinner, we had some drinks at the Muddy Pig and then saw some local bands live.  I was pretty tired Saturday morning, so I spent the entire morning  day reading Nora Roberts... Kelsey told me she liked one book and now I'm reading the whole cheesy Bride Quartet and loving every minute of it.  I finished Vision of White and Bed of Roses this weekend.  Good thing I don't have much going on in my personal life this week - I will probably finish the other two soon.

Saturday night, we had game night at Brady & Kelsey's.  It consisted of the boys hanging out at one apartment and the girls at another... until the Better Than Sex cake came out and then it was GAME ON.  We played Catchphrase and everyone screamed and yelled and the girl's won.  Boom.  Then, we played a game where Kelsey would flip a card and if we guessed it, she would have to shotgun a beer... and we all saw the last card in the deck which she didn't realize... so she lost.  What a good sport.  I will never play that game again :)

Sunday was a day to relax and sit around the house.  I made two home cooked meals on Sunday, which is a record in our household.  The morning started with coffee and herb and garlic baked eggs.  We watched Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and that movie was not the happy movie that I'm used to on a Sunday morning.  It was pretty intense, but I really liked it. I really like Tom Hanks, so it's hard for me to dislike too many of his movies.  

I would give it an 8 out of 10, but it's a movie that might be hard for me to watch again.  I might read the book - I kind of wish I would have before seeing the movie.  We had vegetarian sushi (AMAZING) for lunch and watched Peter Pan.  I love the story of Peter Pan, but I forgot that the movie is from the fifties and they refer to the Native Americans on Neverland (doesn't make much sense) as "injuns."  After our afternoon yoga session, I made cheesy quinoa cakes with green onions for dinner with sweet potatoes and broccoli on the side and we decided to watch a documentary.  Thanks to this little gem, I've become a lifelong vegetarian (well, Pescatarian - but that's questionable after this.)  I would not recommend it to any of you that live off of beef, poultry or pork unless you're wanting to make a life change.

And, last but not least, I looked through the photos on my phone from this weekend and they were almost all of my dogs in ridiculously comfortable positions.  I love these two so much.

Wow, this post was a little longer than I was anticipating, but another successful link up. Back to Monday!


  1. I got sucked in on those Nora Roberts books too. They were actually pretty good!

  2. Ahhhh. yes such a good post!

    SO glad someone else besides my MIL is obsessed now with the Bride Quartet! I just finished them all. :)

    An yes, darmn you all for fooling me on that stupid game with the cards. Did I mention I was in bed hungover until 8pm on Sunday? haha. (Thanks for not posting the -awful i am sure- video of me attempting that shotgun!) hehe.


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