February 20, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Days 50-56 (and a little WTF)

Today is just one of those days.  I'm wearing pants that are begging to be returned to the 1960's.  They are green corduroys that I've had since high school and I finally looked at myself in the mirror and said WTF?  I need a serious wardrobe makeover.  As I'm finally realizing that this is a serious issue, I look in my lunch bag to see what I packed for a morning snack and this is what I pull out.

I can't even get my picture to rotate... but seriously?  Am I an active participant in my life?  I must have a four year old pack my lunch and buy my groceries and a fifteen year old dress me.  I'm giving myself an intervention.  Good thing I have the following things that I'm grateful for... and it's a damn good thing that I have found a husband, because there's no way I'm attracting anything of the opposite sex with my current lifestyle.  Must think classy...

Here are the things I was grateful for last week:

Day 50:  The excitement of Kelsey when I brought her the Hogwarts keychain from Harry Potter world.
 Also, I must say how excited I am that she created her own 30 Before 30 list and started a blog in the last week.  I had a blast drinking lots of wine helping her create and set up her new blog this week.  Check her out at Witty Wanderlust.

Day 51:  Lola's birthday!!!!  Also, Valentine's Day, but the birthday of my only daughter is higher on my priority list.  She is seven years old now and I'm still as obsessed with her as I was the day we adopted her.

Day 52:  Spending time with all three nieces.  This is Kennedy's new "smile" - I feel very confident that I am not responsible for teaching her duck lips, but I do find lots of enjoyment out of doing it with her and taking photos.
Day 53:  My husband and his friend - both exhausted from a hardcore game night (this photo was before midnight) and seriously, maybe Justin needs  wardrobe intervention too... that is a Star Wars sweatshirt with goggles... maybe that's why our marriage works.
Day 54:  I know, I'm obsessed with my dogs.  But even though they have completely different personalities, I like to think they swap comfort secrets.
Day 55:  An accountability partner - yes, she's my running partner sometimes, but more than anything, she holds me accountable.  If I make a plan with her, I feel extra pressure to actually follow through.  This led to me running 3 miles Monday with a below zero windchill.  Don't worry, I've already sent her this message:

Day 56:  This little gem was floating around Facebook the last few days.  It is a picture of one of my best friends, Katie, participating in track and field day??  The socks/sandals combo + fanny pack + matching shirt/headband + multi-colored shorts = My favorite picture of her EVER.  
Hope you have a fantastic second half of your week.  I will be working diligently on becoming more classy...


  1. Hey Steph,

    This is such a funny post and I feel like I'm right there with you! Somedays I feel like I eat like a 5th grader and dress like a high schooler...ugh. Anyway, I love your blog- it's really funny! I just started one at strawberryhallsforever.blogspot.com and I hope to see you over there sometime!


  2. I eat like a child most days of my life. Mac and Cheese and PBJ!


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