February 22, 2013

Drink the World, Travel to Space (Epcot)

Everyone I spoke to that had gone to Epcot as a child said it was the worst.  No roller coasters or fun shows to see.  I've come to the conclusion that it is really fun if you are of legal drinking age - then you can go on the "drink the world" tour and it is amazing!!!!

We arrived to Epcot around 1:00 PM on Thursday and I was officially at Disneyworld.  Alice in Wonderland was being her usual weird self and jumping on and off benches right at the gate when we walked in.  Side note: this led me to believe that characters run through the parks all day long so I kept waiting to see them... that isn't reality - more on that later. We decided to head straight to the Soarin' ride and get a Fastpass (thank you book of Disneyworld secrets.)  Our Fastpass time was six hours out, so we started to head around the World Showcase.  This is literally a circle of "countries" surrounding a large lake and each one has food, beverages and shopping set up in buildings that are designed to look like the countries themselves.

We started in Mexico with the boat ride and some shopping - no tequila or burritos.  We briefly walked through Norway - mostly so I could tell my Grandma.  The fun began when we arrived in Germany - those are my people.  Beer, beer and pretzels.

It's amazing how a cold beer can help keep my annoyed feelings towards large crowds of people quiet.  We continued our stroll around the world and stopped in Morocco.  By this time, I had figured out that you had to wait in line to meet characters.  LAME.  I was still sure that this was only an Epcot rule and that's probably why my friends didn't love this place when they were younger.  So, instead, Justin & I started creeping on the characters using the zoom on the camera while we sat on a curb with our beer.  Looking back, we totally looked creepy.

And yes, I'm wearing the same outfit from Universal because we were brave enough to conquer the two parks in one day.  Do you understand now why we found beer so quickly?  We had already fit in an entire day of activities and it wasn't even 2:00 PM.  Lunch time?  Nope, it was dessert time.  We had found Italy and decided to wander into Tutto Gusto (means everyone's taste) and find out if they have Cannoli's and wine.  We were in luck!  We sat in a nice little room with couches and ordered a flight of red wine and a Cannoli to split.  I highly recommend this place - the service was UNREAL.


After leaving Italy, we headed towards Japan.  We needed some real food.  They had beautiful gardens everywhere and as we walked through the flowers and ponds, we saw two things that we needed immediately - Sake and Sushi.  I had never had Sake - other than Sake bombs at Chino Latino in Minneapolis.  I surprisingly really liked two of the three that we tried.  The most traditional - we made the mistake of just drinking it quickly and it's something that is supposed to be sipped... I don't do well with those drinks.

We buzzed quickly through England and Canada.  We walked through shops in England (and bought my dad some guitar picks) and we watched a band in Canada that were all wearing lumberjack shirts.  Our last country was France.  I had read that you MUST try desserts and champagne in France... weird, that's exactly what we did.  I pretended to be able to understand them when they spoke French and then I would tell my husband what to say back.  He's such a good sport.  It was here that I realized that it doesn't matter how expensive champagne is, I just like it better when it's mixed with something.  I obviously didn't let it go to waste.  Oh yeah, and we creeped on Belle.  She is my favorite princess.

We got back to our ride and I was a little tipsy from all my sampling.  Soarin' is a ride where you feel like you are hang gliding over California.  It was awesome and totally worth getting a fast pass for.  We also checked out their boat ride that explains what the scientists at Epcot are doing as far as farming and food production.  Since I've recently become always been a geek, it was really interesting to see all the different ways to grow fruits & vegetables.  Spaceship Earth is what is housed in the giant golf ball that everyone in America could recognize.  It is a cheesy trip through time, but I recommend that as well.  We laughed at the end when it shows you in the future.  Apparently, my robot is going to take care of my dogs - they are so high maintenance.

At the end of the day, I give Epcot an A+ for good food, good drinks, lots of variety and a very good time.  If you have children with you, they have a few new things that keep the kiddos busy - some sort of secret spy mission.  I saw quite a few parents actually enjoying themselves while the kids tried to solve clues in each country.  I was watching because I was wishing that I was a kid so it wouldn't be totally weird that I wanted to participate in a secret spy mission... but I had a few drinks, so that could have been part of it.

Happy Friday!!



  1. I am so jealous of your trip! I have ALWAYS wanted to do the Drink the World tour at Epcot! I am creating my 30 Before 30 list right now...and it's on there!

  2. I went to Epcot a couple years ago and loved it! You're never too old for Disneyworld!

  3. i will say, not a huge fan of epcot. i have been twice and both times were during the food & wine festival, which i think was awesome and made it more fun, but i cant imagine how 'boring' it would be without that. but i just adore magic kingdom, so nothing can compare!


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