February 12, 2013

Cruising the Coast

I am finally home from our whirlwind trip to Florida.  Instead of fiercely writing down all of our adventures and immediately uploading all of our pictures, I sat on the couch and drank a beer and relaxed.  I decided it will be more fun for me if I drag this out over the next few weeks.  It will help me think of vacation often, especially since we don't have any more coming up that I can look forward to. Back to regular life.

I am starting with our simple first day adventures.  We flew into Orlando at about noon and got into our rental car and immediately headed east.  Things were a little dicey going through the outskirts of Orlando and we got stopped at EVERY SINGLE RED LIGHT.  So frustrating.  Once we got to Highway 1, we really started to enjoy ourselves.  We drove up the coast to St. Augustine Beach where we spent the night at a beachfront hotel.

We stopped at Daytona Beach along the way for a little lunch.  We spent $4.25 each for a slice of pizza and a beer.  It was our first cocktail of our vacation and the sun was shining, the waves were crashing and everyone was extremely friendly.

We arrived in St. Augustine Beach around 4 and got all checked in.  Here is a photo of our hotel from the beach.

Our hotel was not a 5 star resort, but the service was fantastic, they upgraded our room to a partial ocean view and it was in a perfect location for us.  Plus, you couldn't beat the price.  Here is their website!  We were extremely excited to be all checked in and set to explore the little town we were staying in.  The best part about our hotel was the karaoke in the lounge that evening.  The average age was 80 years old and we had a blast singing along with some Elvis and Bette Midler.

Our soundtrack on the way up included these two little gems.  If you're looking for a good windows down song or a good beach vacation song - download these :)

I know these couldn't be anymore different, but that's how we roll.

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