January 21, 2013

Skiing in Montana - Big Sky Resort

The video above is from Brady's camera when he was getting ready to head from the peak all the way down.  As scary as the ride up there is, I'm glad we were able to see what he saw.

Big Sky Resort is the main ski resort located in the Gallatin National Forest.  It's bigger than Moonlight and a little busier, but has a wide variety of runs to choose from.  The views are incredible.  We decided to ski Big Sky on Wednesday last week.  Kinzie joined our little family Tuesday night when she flew into Bozeman, so we decided it was a great place for all seven of us to get out together.

The skiing here was incredible.  The views were amazing and there were so many different options.

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Andesite Mountain was my home for most of the day.  I know the map is kind of hard to read, but there is a run called "Pacifier" that is a windy cat track that moves a little slow, but goes right to the mountain village and connects with a ton of other runs.  I also loved the Southern Comfort lift and all the nice, easy, open green runs on that side of the mountain.  We got a little adventurous on those by dipping into the trees and going off little jumps on the sides of the runs.

I made one adventurous trek up the Swift Current lift that heads towards the peak.  That was my absolute favorite run of the day... for a few reasons.
  1. At the top of the lift, we got to take a little jay walk that went right underneath the peak and I was able to look up and watch the crazy people (like Brady) get on the tram to the top and then I even got to see two of them come down the chutes - or rocky death tunnels as I like to call them.
  2. The run we took down was over 3 miles long - amazing.  Lifts get a little boring, so I like the high speed lifts and the super long runs.
  3. The different things to do at the top of this lift.  You can use the mountaintop restroom, grab a burrito and say a quick prayer at the chapel before you hit the slopes.
  4. And finally, the naked skiers/boarders.  That's right.  Justin and I stopped about halfway down to take a break and take in the awesome views.  We had the run pretty much to ourselves for the first half.  All of a sudden, we look up and we see a few people coming down.  It took a few looks to realize that they were NAKED.  Two guys were at the beginning, one covering himself and the other one waving his hands above his head wearing only his snowboard boots and mittens.  It was insane.  There ended up being a parade of about 20 naked people and a few that were carrying other's clothes.  They redressed about halfway between us and the bottom - probably so they wouldn't get in trouble.  To top it off, a lady skied by us afterwards and informed us in a rude voice that the show was over - I think she thought we were part of their group.  Sorry, I have no pictures of naked people on the mountain because I was in such shock that I couldn't grab my phone - they did all have cameras on so I'm sure the proof is out there somewhere.  
Here are some of my favorite photos from our day at Big Sky... 

I can't decide which of the two resorts there I like better... they are very different.  I had a blast at both and would go back in a heartbeat.  Until next time Lone Mountain.

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