January 24, 2013

Skiing in Montana - Backyard Style

When we planned our trip to Montana, we planned to have a few days off to explore Bozeman and hang out around the house.  We all agreed to call one of those days "drunk day."  We loaded up on PBR and some local brews and geared up for a day to play in the snow.  We got lucky because it snowed almost the entire night before and continued to snow all day, so we had plenty of activities we could participate in outside.

Annika snowboarded for her first and second time and did way better than my first attempts a few years ago:

Kelsey took a run or two after her & I jammed on the sled.  The sled didn't do so well in the ten inches of fresh snow, but Kelsey did fine once she dumped me and the sled and picked up her board.

The boys took a few turns down the hill.  It got even more bad ass when they built a jump.  As you will notice, I did not find it necessary to participate in climbing up the hill and then sliding back down on any skis or snowboards.  I would have been injured.

If you made it to the bottom successfully, we would reward you with champagne... obviously, that's normal.  I know that snowboarding on mountains is cooler than snowboarding in backyards, but at least in backyards, you can have your camera... a real one that isn't on a phone.  When you have pictures, you can create things like these (because my husband is awesome):

The boys also decided to clear off the fire pit and start an outdoor fire, which was awesome.  The girls decided to make a snowman (or something inappropriate with the snow).

Yep, that happened.  A regular snowman is only cool when you have accessories to dress him in, we didn't have any, so we went to our next best option which was inappropriate shock value.  The boys were not so amused.  We weren't going to leave it in the yard for the next group to see, so Justin decided to do this on our last day:

Sadly, this is the final post about our ski trip in Montana.  The good news is... I'm going to Florida in less than two weeks to experience Disneyworld for my first time (check one off the 30 before 30 list). So until next time Montana...


  1. That trip looks like a ton of fun! I don't ski or snowboard, but if there was always champagne at the end, I would certainly try!

  2. I would LOVE a trip like this with friends! Oh- and no kiddos! lol


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