January 30, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 5

Day 29:  A night watching TV in bed with the dogs, my husband and the fire. I should probably tell you that we rarely use the fireplace upstairs, so this was a pretty awesome night.
Day 30:  Exploring St. Paul in the cold - just searching for some treasure. 
Day 31:  The Winter Carnival Buttons - they are so awesome.  Plus, the winter carnival in general.  
Day 32:  Finishing my first 5k of the year and celebrating with outdoor MN activites including the Summit Beer ice bar and Red Bull Crashed Ice.
Day 33:  Big, fat snowflakes with 30 degree weather.
Day 34:  Ridiculous text messages all day long about this Friday's ladies night. So excited!  
Day 35:  Night time treasure hunting with a great view.

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