January 23, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 4

Day 22:  This is how my husband left his gloves on his desk.  Silly, I know, but it totally cracked me up. 
Day 23:  Picked up the dogs after getting their teeth cleaned (they are always a little messed up from the medicine) and MIGHTY DUCKS - I love this movie.  EMILIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 24:  Celebrating this guy (he's now 28) and his wife to be at their engagement party. If you think you've seen this face before, see this post.
Day 25:  Local music.  Our friend, Mark, is in a band called The Brilliant Beast and they played with a band called Ruben.  We enjoyed their show after a big dinner at Boca Chica.  Amazing! 
Day 26:  Stuffed Peppers with Yogurt Sauce - from the Indian section of our vegetarian slow cooker book. Look at me - I'm becoming more "worldly" in my crockpot cooking.
Day 27:  On the coldest day of the year, I was enjoying Hot Chocolate (with Butterscotch Schapps - obviously), super fattening Mac & Cheese and the sunset (from inside.)  I also turned the heat up in my house to 72 degrees - bad ass, I know, but it was seriously NEGATIVE THIRTEEN OUTSIDE!!!
Day 28:  My temporary tattoo.  I hosted girl's night with my nieces, my sisters and some of our girlfriends and it involved Pizza, Taylor Swift dance parties and butterfly tattoos.  I had sooo much fun with them (like always.)

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