January 2, 2013

Insta-Gratitude Week 1

Here are the first seven days of gratitude photos.  So far, my husband & I have found this to be a nice reflection moment every day as we share what we chose for the day to be thankful for.  J isn't taking pictures of all of his, but I've been writing them down to make sure he has a good list.

Day 1: The snowman my 4 year old niece made me - it was the first thing I put up at my new desk.
Day 2: This little snuggler, Lola.

Day 3: I love shoveling snow... I love it even more when the snow sparkles. 

Day 4: Family vacations, but more specifically, finding this awesome ice bar. 

Day 5: An awesome day on the slopes with my love.

Day 6: Last sunset of 2012 - Good night to a good year!

Day 7: Northern MN - esp Duluth

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