January 1, 2013

Great End to a Great Year - Lutsen

To wrap up 2012, my parents took Justin, me, my brother and his girlfriend to Lutsen for the long holiday weekend.  We left Saturday morning and stopped for lunch at Grandma's in Duluth.  We also had to stop at Russ Kendall's for some smoked salmon - it wouldn't be a trip up the north shore without smoked salmon.

Once we got to Lutsen, we unpacked and checked in and found out that our hotel had an Ice Bar.  We spent the majority of our first evening floating back & forth between the Ice Bar & the huge bonfire outside.  We made s'mores and had a few beers and enjoyed our first evening.

Our first full day was going to be the warmest, so we made sure we were out on the slopes.  The boys went out first thing and I joined them with my dad after an early lunch time.

It was such a beautiful day.  After skiing, we decided to make baked macaroni & cheese and watch A Night at the Roxbury.  After a good night's sleep, we got up on New Year's Eve and headed to Grand Marais - my favorite little town on the North Coast of America.  We kidnapped Jen for the adventure so she could experience all it has to offer.  First stop was the Gunflint Tavern for a day drink.  Justin got the best bloody mary that included jumbo shrimp and lots of spice.  We made origami dollar creations to leave as part of our tip.  Yes, you see a collared shirt, a peacock and an elephant.

We stopped in the Ben Franklin store to get New Year's decorations and wool socks (their prices and selection is awesome.)  We followed our shopping trip up with a slice of pizza from Sven and Ole's.

We celebrated New Year's Eve with a cocktail at Papa Charlie's, a little reflection time with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop and then finished the evening by celebrating the east coast's midnight instead of ours so we could go to bed.  It feels good to not be hungover on New Year's Day - almost a foreign concept to the college version of myself.

It was a great trip to celebrate the end of 2012 and help me get prepared for my next ski adventure.  We had a wonderful ride home today too.  The steam was rising from the lake because of the below zero air and the sun was rising over the clouds.  It was really beautiful.  I am a very lucky girl and I am super excited for a wonderful 2013.  Hope everyone had a legendary New Year's.

P.S.  So glad that Santa found us in Lutsen on New Year's and filled my stocking with some awesomeness.

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