January 31, 2013

2013 Treasure Hunt - A Loser's Recap

The hunt is officially over.  I'm sad to say that I am not the winner of $10,000.  It was a good run, but again - I end up a loser.  The winners are a married couple that have been on this hunt for years.  They are going to use the winnings to purchase a bed for their son, pay for medicine that their insurance doesn't cover and pick up some records they've been looking at for a while.  If I won, I would've had an even more awesome trip to Disneyworld, paid off a credit card and bought my dogs some new toys (it always sounds better when you get something for your children.)

The last night out there was long and exhausting.  Don't worry, we found a few seconds for photo opps.  Headlamps are awesome.

Here is the link for the video to show where they hid the medallion (aka treasure.)  Video

It usually takes me about 24 hours to get over it and decide that next year is my year.  This time was a little different.  I needed to physically recover this year on top of the emotional recoup time.  My wrists are extremely sore from chopping ice.  My nose was running non stop and I was sneezing every five minutes - probably because I was outdoors in the winter for 7 hours with no warm up time.  My head was aching from smashing my head into a tree numerous times while crawling on the ground in the woods.

All that said, I am feeling much better today and I'm extremely happy for the lucky winners.  Plus, I really feel that 2014 is my year.

Photo Credit

Here is this year's recap:
11 clues in 11 days
4 parks (2 were brand new)
Approximately 10 hours of noodling and researching
18 hours of actual physical digging and searching over 7 days
1 new friend - Tom with the GPS that convinced me to walk 441 steps from everything we saw...
$0.00 richer


My sister in law sent me an email after I posted this with this video... man, did I need this.  Thanks Holly!

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