December 7, 2012

Cupcakes are the new Game Gear

I love buying presents.  I love walking through stores with no goal other than to find something ridiculous that has a friend's name written all over it.  I love putting together gift baskets.  I love buying people things they like but would never buy themselves.  I love things in the dollar section and I love nice expensive "treat yoself" kinds of things.  I love wandering through the mall starting a week before Thanksgiving and finding awesome sales on things that my sister-in-law's would just love or getting a groupon for Toys'R'Us and knowing that I can get a little something extra for my nieces this year.  I don't spend a million dollars, I just like taking my time and finding the right gift.  Therefore, Christmas is one of my favorite times all year.

Now, if you know me, you know I LOVE lists... except when it comes to Christmas gifts.  Christmas should be all about surprises.  Instead, people ask for a list of things I want for Christmas and it makes me super uncomfortable.  I know I'm weird about these things, but I just don't like to list out all my wants and expect them to be purchased, wrapped and put under a tree.  I do my best and try & hold out if there are any books or movies that I want to purchase, so that I can give people an idea or two.  I know it sounds weird and people might think I'm being difficult, but I've always been that way.
I think this is just the way that I was raised.

My dad never needed a list.  He has always been good at knowing what fun item would be perfect - he picked out a game gear for me when I was in 3rd grade and it was the BEST gift ever.  He also purchased my letter jacket after I made the varsity hockey team as a freshman (sorry, I was too cool for photos at age 14).

My mom is the only person who has ever been able to pick out clothes and shoes for me and ALWAYS get the right size and pick out something that is totally me.  Seriously, she's amazing at it.  It's fun to have no idea what you're getting when you unwrap your gifts.

Friends always know just what you need as well.  We were surprised at happy hour on Wednesday by our friends, Brady & Kelsey, when there was a shiny silver bag on the table.  I freaking love those two and it's pretty obvious that they've figured out what makes Justin & I happy.

Kelsey has heard me talk numerous times about my favorite bakery, Sweets Bakeshop on Marshall in St. Paul.  It's a little spendy and a little trendy, but they are always on Groupon.  The colored cookie looking items on the top left are their French Macarons (the best flavor is the blue).  And the cupcakes, seriously, they are my favorite things ever.  It was an awesome little surprise to go with an awesome happy hour.

Now I know that when someone asks me what I want for Christmas, one word will do the trick, "Cupcakes"  (although wine, coffee and new socks work as well.)

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