December 3, 2012

50 Shades of Mustaches (1st Holiday Party of 2012)

It is now December and that means that the Holiday season is in full swing... and it's 50 degrees outside this morning.  I'm not sure what's happening, but I just want a little snow on the ground at Christmas this year.  I thought I lived in Minnesota.

We kicked off the holiday season with a few festive weekend events.

Friday night, I went to Katie & Annika's for a Sweater party, except that they forget to tell anyone else that it was a sweater party.  Smirnoff Ice was drank by almost everyone and we had a small dance party at midnight.  It was quite successful, except that I'm the only one that was iced in a public place... never leave your purse unattended when there's Smirnoff's in the mix.

Saturday, we met the Simon's for lunch in Maple Grove at the old Timberlodge.  The new restaurant is called Malone's.  They had a really good Bloody Mary.

Saturday evening, we went to Holly's annual Naughty or Nice party.  The gifts each year are ridiculous and there are usually some extremely inappropriate items that we make sure we don't end up with (like blow up dolls and almost naked photos of other guests).  The themes this year seemed to be 50 Shades of Christmas (aka anything sexual), sweaters and Mustaches.  We usually try to go the funny route instead of the dirty route.  Here's the loot we brought this year:

Flask from Target $7.99

Holiday Mustaches from Target $4.99

Beer Opener Rings from World Market $6.99

Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook from Target $14.99
We usually try not to come home with too much since it's mostly items that we would attempt to regift, but this year we did OK.  I fought really hard for a certain funny hat and lost.  Little did I know, my sister-in-law is so wonderful, she snuck it in our gift box and I found it when I returned home.  We also got paper towels, Twinkies (they are vintage now) and some beer sweaters.

Yes, this hat is real and I love it.  I'll just have to be a little careful where I decide to where it.  Some of the gifts we missed out on included a used chainsaw, a vibrating rubber duckie, Nerf guns, a beer pong set and a sombrero.

This evening is always a blast.  It reminded me again this year how lucky I am to be part of that family.  Not only do I love my new sisters, but their friends are all so much fun to be around.  Holly has a great group of girlfriends and they are all extremely generous - plus they all make running seem like fun and that's a challenge.

As we continue through the holiday season, Justin & I decided we would do something Christmas related each day.  We have lots of holiday movies to watch and treats to make and a few parties to go to.  Yesterday, we finished decorating for Christmas and listened to Christmas music.  Merry December to everyone.  

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