October 8, 2012

My First Week as a Stuck at Home Wife

That title might be a little extreme, but Justin got a promotion (insert applause & "WOOHOO's" here) and he is going to be traveling more for work.  I am stuck at the main office still every day.  I know people always think it's crazy that we work together, but it's how we've met and we have for our entire relationship.  It works great for us.  We carpool together and a few days a week, we have lunch together.  It has been great.  Working here while he's traveling more will just take some getting used to.

On the other hand, it's kind of fun to have a few nights on my own each week.  There are some things I like to do that my husband dislikes.

1. Having my sister-in-laws & their children over to our house to play (he loves them all, but not all at one time with Taylor Swift blaring nonstop)
2. Watching Real Housewives of _______
3. Coming home to see my online purchases waiting on the steps (this doesn't happen too often)

OK, so I thought I would have a long list.  Either way, it is good quiet time for me and it makes me even more excited to see him when he returns from a few days on the road.

Last week while he was out of town, I went for a great bike ride and had a girl's night at our house.  My three nieces and their mothers all came over for a night of brownies, beer bread & vegetarian hot dogs.  I think I listened to Blown Away by Carrie Underwood 17 times and they made me listen to the different songs sung by the Chipmunks a bunch as well.  I hit my pillow hard that evening.  Thank goodness for these girls.

Happy Monday to all!

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