October 23, 2012

Minnesota Seasons

As October is winding down, I find myself clinging on to every single colorful leaf left on my street.  My favorite red tree is almost completely bare as of this morning.  This is the most beautiful time of the year. It never fails to remind me that I could never move somewhere that doesn't have seasons.  Watching the leaves turn in the fall is such an awesome experience.  It falls right in there with the first snowflakes of the year, watching the tulips open in the spring and spending hours on the lake in the summer.  Thank you Minnesota for having some awesome seasons.

I had an especially peaceful moment on Saturday morning.  We were dog sitting for our neighbor and I ran across the street with my coffee & my Kindle to spend an hour or so with Pal (the adorable pup.)  It was about 7:30 in the morning and there was a thick fog that had settled over the neighborhood.  It was so nice to sit wrapped up in a blanket on their deck with my coffee and read and take in the awesome smells of autumn.  It felt like I had the neighborhood to myself.  Even our street was quiet and peaceful.

The rest of the weekend didn't disappoint.  We had the BEST vegetarian tacos at Rojo on Saturday for lunch.  We stopped to see Miss Mary on Saturday afternoon and met the man she calls her future husband - she warned us that we may be going to a Vegas wedding soon.  We played some pretty intense video games on Saturday evening with Annika.  My father made a brief appearance and witnessed "rockband" for his first time - he even made his drumming debut.

We had a classic Gregerson household moment when the John's pizza delivery guy was standing at our full view storm door and we were mid-song... he just told us to finish up and laughed.  Annika was making eye contact awkwardly while singing her heart out.  I appreciate his approach to the situation and would have loved to been in his shoes at that moment.

Sunday was the perfect FUNDAY.  Kirsten put together a ladies lunch in Hopkins so I dropped off Justin and picked up Kelsey - that way the boys could kick it.  We had a nice little lunch and returned to Kelsey's to find the boys on the patio soaking in the sun and enjoying the 70 degree weather (seriously, thank you Minnesota).  We finished off the afternoon with a little Honey Weiss and a few mimosas.  I was home and cuddled into my couch by 5:30 and was able to catch up on the episodes of SNL stored on our DVR.  All in all, an awesome weekend.

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