September 29, 2012

Carrie in Concert

I am a girl that loves all kinds of music which is awesome because I'm married to a guy that likes all kinds of music.  This week is a week of concerts.  Monday night, Justin & his dad went to see Rush at the Target Center for Dan's birthday.  They had a great time - Rush played for 3 hours and barely spoke a word.  This coming Monday, we are all going to see Dispatch, who I have loved since freshman year in high school - I will let you know next week how that concert is.

Thursday night, I went with my mother in law and my two sissies to see Carrie Underwood at the Target Center.  Hunter Hayes opened for her.  I only knew one of his songs, but apparently he is the Justin Bieber of country music.  The younger girls behind us at the show were screaming and near tears while he performed.

I thought Carrie was awesome.  Nicole & Rhonda are huge fans and have been to see her numerous times.  I saw her the year after she won American Idol at Wee Fest, but I was way in the back and couldn't see much.  She has an incredible voice.  The Pioneer Press compared her to Taylor Swift and said they were rivals.  I disagree with that completely.  Taylor Swift is a songwriter with a lot of personality.  Carrie Underwood is way more private with a TON of talent.  I have now seen both of them in concert and will say that both shows were great.  I just don't think it's right to even compare them.

Those are just a few videos I took from my phone (not good quality, but I was enjoying the show too much.)

She played her biggest hits as well as all my favorite from her newest CD.  She opened with Good Girl & closed with Blown Away.  Temporary Home made the cut, as well as Before He Cheats and Jesus Take the Wheel.

The pictures I have aren't too great either, but these 2 are from the Pioneer Press and they are GORGEOUS (

You can tell they spent some money on the stage and the large screens.  This is quite a change from where I saw her last - on a stage in the middle of a field with cowboy boots and a white dress on.

I had so much fun with the girls that evening and would do it again a hundred times.  I got to be with Nicole the first time she rode the light rail (plus she had all $2 bills.)  The local country radio station recorded my voice - I get so embarrassed for stuff like that.  It's probably starting to sound like a broken record, but I am really lucky.  I gained some awesome family members when I married Justin.  Here are my favorite photos with the ladies.

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