August 22, 2012

MN Week Part 1

When you don't really anything exciting to blog about, you make up your own holidays.  It's a new thing I'm starting and so far, it's pretty awesome.  I am a person that functions off of lists.  I am absolutely obsessed with them.  I love the feeling of crossing off the last thing on a list and moving on to the next one.

On Monday morning, I wrote a SUPER lame blog post just because I hadn't in a while and I was a little ashamed of myself.  I decided that I needed to find something to write about.  Being a St. Paul girl, I figured that Minnesota is something that everyone wants to read about and anyone that is missing Minnesota or looking to find out if it's a place they should have on their "states to visit" list would be interested to hear my favorite things about MN.  I will sit down to compile my list at the end of the week and summarize my findings.  In the meantime, I'm out to discover as many awesome things about Minnesota as humanly possible in one week.

Monday - I came up with this glorious idea, so I instantly set my Pandora to Prince.  He is an obvious choice for MN musicians and I have a special attachment to the song, Raspberry Beret.  My mother clearly remembers listening to it on her way to the hospital on May 24, 1985 (my birthday.)  For dinner Monday night, Justin & I decided we needed to kick off the week with a walleye sandwich so we went to McGovern's and had Summits & Walleye and enjoyed the beautiful August weather while sitting on one of our favorite outdoor St. Paul patios.

Tuesday - I started off my day with a nice kick ass gym session (totally irrelevant, but I'm proud of myself) and then jammed out to Bob Dylan for the majority of the morning.  It was a crazy day in the office with quite a few organizational changes, but the most exciting was Justin's promotion to regional manager.

We decide to celebrate with a MN beer happy hour on our patio.  We had Finnegan's, Crispin, Surly & Fulton Beer.  Fulton beer is one of my favorites since it has a neighborhood connection.  One of the guys I worked with at Creamy Cone is one of the founders of Fulton Brewery so it's extra special to visit their building and support their business.

Justin made a special dinner.  It was somewhat of an experiment but it worked out BEAUTIFULLY.  He grilled some Morningstar Veggie Burgers on our grill and used the side burner to fry eggs.  Once the burger was done, he topped it with blue cheese crumbles and then laid the fried egg on top to let the blue cheese melt.  You throw that burger on a fresh bakery whole wheat bun and spread avocado on top.  I will have to ask him to name the burger so I know what to call it... for now, I'll just call it FREAKIN AWESOME.

So, the rest of the week is still up in the air.  Stay tuned to find out what other adventures I find for myself.

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