July 24, 2012

Sweet Little Mackenzy is 4

My dear sweet Mackenzy,

You are four years old today.  You were the first baby in our family on either side.  You were our very first niece.

Before you arrived, we never really knew much about babies.  There was this precious little baby in ultrasound pictures due just one month before our wedding and we were excited to meet you.  I remember even going with your mom to one of her doctor's appointments while she was pregnant and listening to your heartbeat.  I remember thinking that your name would be either Emma, Kate or Lily... and then you came and your parents decided on Mackenzy (we nicknamed you Mack Attack for the first year at least).  I remember baby showers for your mom and trying to track down Disney paintings to decorate your room.  

You were our flower girl when you were one month old.  Even though you were so small, you told me just a month ago that you remember that day.  You remember when I got to dress like a princess and reminded me that you were really too little to be my flower girl and it was silly of me to pick you, but you were happy to be there.

I remember the first time we babysat in the fall.  You were so sick that day and I felt so bad.  I was almost relieved to find out it was an ear infection that was making you sad and it had nothing to do with whether or not you liked me.  Justin wouldn't hold you yet because you were too small, but he was a big fan of the "I love my uncle" bib I put on you for lunch.  Your uncle would do just about anything you asked him to.  Hopefully that doesn't get him into too much trouble in the future.

I remember how fun it was to discover kids toys all over again.  I would watch the morning show specials to find out what the coolest toys were for different age girls.  That's what good aunties do.  We got you a McDonald's gift card for Christmas when you were about 18 months old and you knew how to ring it through the cash register that Grandma & Grandpa G had got you.  We laughed so hard.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was one of your favorites and the whole family had the Hot Dog song memorized.

We have had so much fun taking you on adventures.  We have been to the Circus, your first Twin's game, Disney on Ice, Underwater World, Como Zoo, Nickelodeon Universe, Okoboji and many more.  You helped us realize why being an auntie & uncle is cool - we get to do all the fun kid stuff and be the cool ones all the time.

I love that motorcycle was part of your vocab very early on.  You were never a messy baby and you were always quite dainty, but you LOVED a motorcycle.  Your uncle & I got you a pink motorcycle for your 2nd birthday with a matching Harley Davidson outfit.  I think your dad told you the batteries were dead within the first few weeks - annoying him for that long was worth it because you loved the heck out of the sound of the engine.

Watching you and Fayth together is another one of my favorite things.  I have a friend that has been my friend since the day we were born because our moms were best friends.  You & your sister are also quite amusing together.  You two are very different as well.

You recently learned the concept of secrets and I remember you in the backseat of our car telling us that you hear other people's secrets and you will tell us sometime what they are.  You also had an imaginary friend named Giant for a while.  Thankfully, he was never able to join you when you came to our house because he was busy.  I don't think we would have had enough room for him. 

Happy Birthday Kenzy.  We love you and can't wait to watch you get even bigger.  My favorite things about you right now:  your love of tutus and appreciation for fashion and dressing yourself, the never ending collection of barbies & princesses, the fact that you requested a microphone and guitar for your birthday and you use it while wearing a wig so you look like Taylor Swift, the fact that you never smile & look at the camera at the same time (but those rare moments when you do are amazing), the way you say tomorrow (sounds like to-my-yo) and the fact that you can watch a movie 75 times in a row and never get bored of it.

Kindergarten is fast approaching and I'm sure we will be able to witness more gymnastics, dance and hopefully a little soccer.  Reading and writing has already become a talent of yours as you get smarter each day.  Make sure you always keep a little bit of the princess side of you and definitely keep working on that musical talent.  I will miss the baby/toddler Kenzy, but I'm excited to see you grow up.

See you for our special birthday date on Thursday.

Auntie Steph

P.S. The song at the bottom make me think of you since you are the biggest Taylor Swift fan on the planet.

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