July 30, 2012

Nice Little Weekend at Home

With Lola being sick, we ended up planning our entire weekend around her and planned to stay home and relax with her the whole weekend.  That freaked me out just a little because I go a little stir crazy, but it was such a fun weekend.

Friday night, we picked up Lola and then we took a little nap.  The Bennewitz sisters did the nicest thing and brought over wine, whiskey and Mac & Cheese from Noodles.  They also brought gifts for the dogs.  It was so awesome to just hang out with them and eat good food and watch the CRAZY opening ceremonies.  The mixture of music/dance from each decade, children's literature, hospital beds and dancing Abe Lincoln's might have been a little too hard to follow for me.  Once all those crazy things were over, the procession of the athletes was classic and Paul McCartney did a wonderful job for an old man.  I love watching all the different counties come in with their outfits and see how many athletes each country sends to the Olympics.

The fireworks display was one of my favorite parts.  I also love the way that they lit the torch.

On Saturday, we brought Lola is for her check up.  Once we got home, it was go time.  We got everything pulled out of the guest bedroom because we are probably having some house guests early next week.  We moved everything around and finally decided that we are going to use New York as the inspiration for that room.  I will post pictures once it's all complete.  Justin also cleaned up the yard and the garage.  After a good 7 hours of cleaning activities, Katie & Annika came over to hang out for a while.  We played Pass the Pigs, which is one of the best games ever.  We also walked to Creamy Cone and helped Justin check something off his 30 Before 30 list.  He tried a new flavor of ice cream, cheesecake.  I advised him to add Oreo's to the cheesecake ice cream and he was quite pleased with the final product.  We got back from ice cream and decided to play Mario & Sonic Summer Olympics on the Wii.  My elbow hurt after three games of table tennis, but we did almost the entire circuit.  Apparently I've lost my touch a little on the Wii.

Saturday night, I slept for 11 1/2 hours.  I haven't done that in the longest time.  When I woke up and saw that it was almost 10:00 AM, I couldn't believe it.  I was happy that I had finally finished the 50 Shades of Grey last week.  I finally get to move on to some new books.  The third book actually had a good story, but it's still just too much for me.  I browsed through my "to-read" list and picked out a few to start.  Nicole called and said she wanted to head to St. Paul on Sunday afternoon, so we decided  to leave the house for a little while and enjoy the beautiful weather.  Nicole, Maddy, Justin & I went to the Como Zoo.  We saw all the animals and even used up an old Como Town ride card.

We returned home and watched the last Harry Potter movie while relaxing and cooling down.  After dinner, I was craving a cupcake really bad.  We had cake mix, but we didn't have any frosting.  We decided to roller blade over to my parents to get the chocolate frosting that they had left over in their cabinet.  I haven't roller bladed in a long time and my legs were working some muscles that have been relaxing for a while.  It felt good to sweat a little and work for my cupcake.  All in all, I think we spent about $20.00 for the food we made this weekend, yet we were able to keep ourselves busy with things around the house and just relaxing a little.  I think having a weekend like this once a month would be great for us.  We would get so much done and have a little more fun money in the bank.

Thanks to everyone that stopped over and visited Lola this weekend.  We have the best friends & family in the whole world.  Can't wait for wedding season to kick off.  Our first event is this Thursday night as we ramp up to celebrate Nicole & Brian's wedding Saturday!!

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