July 12, 2012

Minnesota in the Big Magazines

Read the following article:

Northern Minnesota Road Trip -- National Geographic

You almost have to call it fate when one of my favorite places in the whole world is featured in National Geographic Traveler the very month that my subscription began.  Northern Minnesota is a place that holds a very special place in my heart.  Family vacations all took place in the same area of the world as I grew up.  Most families went to Disney World or Mount Rushmore, but we always went camping near the Gunflint Trail in northern Minnesota.  It was a place I loved so much that I chose to go to college for 4 years in Duluth, which is the gateway to the North Shore.  It's like living in New England, but with Midwest charm and a crazy accent (imagine the movie Fargo.)

I am looking forward a few weeks with a little anxiety because of the lack of lazy and free time.  However, I do have something in the beginning of September to look forward to.  That sounds bad, I am looking forward to all the weddings we are a part of this summer.  I LOVE weddings.  It is the full calendar that is a little overwhelming.  My husband and I are taking our anniversary trip to the North Shore this year using a gift certificate from my parents.  We took a day trip last year, but we were not able to get out of town like we usually do.  So, this is what I'm looking forward to (and the article helped remind me.)  Always find something peaceful to get excited about in your future...

And this was the picture from Random Acts of Kindness website today that I loved as well.  It makes me think of our anniversary vacations.  I seriously have the best husband ever and we have an absolute blast together.  I'm sad he was travelling the state of Kansas without me this week and tonight he was able to stop at his cousins' house in Iowa and hang out with her and her boys... totally jealous.  Can't wait to see him tomorrow.

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