June 21, 2012

Update on the Flood

I found the Three Dog Blog today as I was catching up on the situation in Duluth.  I'm happy to report that many businesses are reopening today even with the damages.  The sun is shining and the governor will be making some decisions about state funding to help clean up within the next few hours.  I am still in search of ways the Bulldogs in the Twin Cities will be able to help.  Lake Superior Zoo is taking donations through GiveMN.org.  Como Zoo is going to house many of their animals until they are back up & running including the polar bear and seals that made national news.

There are so many pictures floating around Facebook and the news channels, but I still just can't believe the amount of the beautiful hillside town that has been destroyed.  So many locations of my fondest college memories have been swept away and are somewhere in the bottom of Mama Superior.  The Minnesota National Guard has been activated and will be assisting in the clean up.  I will continue to stay on top of the happenings up there and if I hear of opportunities to help from the Twin Cities, I will make sure to share them.

The great thing about Duluth and its residents is that they will bounce back rather quickly.  It is a city full of very laid back, goodhearted people that are used to Mother Nature taking out her aggression on them and their city.  Usually, it comes in the form of snow, fog, ice or wind, but they will deal with rain just the same.

In the meantime, maybe you can get a laugh from this video that some students made yesterday.  They were trying to have a little fun in the midst of the scariest storm that Mother Nature has hurdled at Duluth in years.

Jet Ski Video

And some more footage of the flooding from Youtube:

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