June 11, 2012

Finally had a BOAT day!

So, I had a feeling that summer would be hard on my blogging abilities.  Unless I take my laptop outside and sit on the patio, it's hard to find much time.  I had a great weekend (one of 3 all summer without plans.)  It included boating, date with my husband and some much needed R&R.

Saturday, my in-laws decided to take the boat out on Lake Minnetonka.  We got to the lake with beer in hand at 10:30 and didn't make it home until almost 8 PM.  We had cocktails at Lord Fletchers and Maynards, went swimming for a while at Big Island and cruised the lake.  I have a slight sunburn on the bottom of my back, but other than that, I did pretty good with the sunshine.

Justin got his first wakeboard ride out of the way.  Maddy had a blast.  She watched everyone do some sort of water sport and she kept yelling "ME GO TOO."  So...

She went "wakeboarding."  I think she'll be on skis before she turns 4.  That kid loves the water.  After boating, we went home and cheered on the LA Kings in game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals.  Justin has been waiting for them to bring home the big one since he watched them lose in 1993.  He is on the road this week - flying to St. Louis today and then cruising through what he refers to as "God's Country" (Southern Illinois & Kentucky) but hopefully he will have cable in his hotel to watch games 6 and 7.

Yesterday, we had our own version of Sunday Funday.  We had to hide from the sun.  We went and saw The Dictator.  It was hilarious and extremely inappropriate.  I had pretty low expectations because every other movie that Sasha Baron Cohen has done in the past has annoyed me numerous times during the 90 minute show, but this time was different.  I wasn't annoyed at all.  It was absolutely hilarious.  What I did notice was the amount of making out that was happening around me... what a weird movie to have a "romantic" moment.  To each their own...

So, I was totally planning to lay low this week and clean my house since I'm hosting a bridal shower on Saturday, but then I saw that Andy Cohen will be at the Mall of America this evening... so, dropped my plans and called Anna immediately.  I am meeting her in her work parking lot immediately after work so we can stand in line and meet the one and only Mazel master.  Laugh all you want.  I am NOT ashamed.  Also, I'm not ashamed that I totally downloaded this song because someone said it was the anthem of summer... I'll be sick of it in a few days :)  Cheers to sunshine, drinking on the boat and Andy Cohen's genius creativity on the Bravo network.

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