May 3, 2012

My Husband's Weekend Plan

This is an email my husband sent to his best friend, Jerry, who is currently living in Germany.  He is explaining his plans for this weekend since I will be leaving town to head to AZ for the weekend.

Subject: My 3 favorite things...

Steph flies out to Arizona tonight for a long weekend with friends and comes back late on Sunday. In that time I intend to enjoy my 3 favorite things:

1.     A brand new bottle of Glenlivet 18 – I received this $100 bottle of Scotch for helping a friend move. NICE!

2.     An awesome Little Caesar’s Pizza – nothing like cheap processed cheese and dough to make a guy feel good. Oh, and crazy bread. NICE!

3.     Last, but definitely not least, the Star Wars Trilogy. I have the original, un-reedited by stupid Lucas, first 3 on DVD and I plan to roll the whole thing on Saturday. This is back before it was called “A New Hope” and back when Han shot first. NICE!

So, that’s pretty much how I’ll be enjoying my time. That and a nice 3 hr workout on Sunday followed by yard work; but a guy should take some me time, you know? Don’t let Lucas’ reimagining of the greatest trilogy of all-time ruin your respect for the original story my friend.

Have a good weekend…and remember, the Force will be with you.

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