May 2, 2012

Vegetarian for 30 Days

So, I officially checked off another 30 before 30 item.  

On April 1, I decided to be a vegetarian for 30 days.  I wanted to experience new foods, see if people really do feel healthier and know that I've made an impact on the environment (even thought it's small).  I lost 3 pounds over the course of the month, so it wasn't about weight loss at all.  What I found most interesting is the lack of desire to eat a hot dog or a turkey burger now that the 30 days are up.  It's been 2 days since the item has been crossed off my list and I have not touched any sort of meat.  I don't miss it really.  

I made it through the few challenges that I've listed in the past.  I found a few good restaurants that have great vegetarian options.  I've eaten at all the places that I normally eat.  I will not be able to say no to lobster now that my husband has me obsessed, but that's only when I am on the east coast, which isn't too often.

I have experimented with tofu, completely switched to soy milk & soy creamer, eaten the crap out of Amy's burritos & Morning Star frozen foods (they are great if you're in a hurry), I have discovered a few great blogs regarding vegan & vegetarian foods and I have felt better overall.  I have never had a problem sleeping through the night, but I notice now that I'm more awake during the day.  I have gone 32 days without the feeling of being disgustingly full.  My stomach problems have died down a great deal.  And the best part is trying to think of anything negative about making a lifestyle change... it's harder to snack on fatty foods at parties (many have meat), no more fast food, having to eat more fruits & vegetables... yeah, those aren't negatives at all.  My husband has made the switch as well, which he is excited about and feels good about and he's only been meat-free since 4/17.

Here are my new favorite veg. blogs:
The Chubby Vegetarian
Vegan Ventures in Cuisine (this is a girl I knew in high school)

Lots of different ideas.  Lots of fun salads and fruit dishes throughout St. Paul that have been discovered. A new found love for the Whole Foods, Trader Joe's & Mississippi Markets near my house.  And, best of all, the farmer's market has now opened in St. Paul for the summer.  We visited it this past weekend along with the Pirate Exhibit at the Science Museum and the Lowertown St. Paul Art Crawl.

It's amazing what your body and mind will discover after 30 days.  I know that I can anything for 30 days if I make a commitment, even something that I think I will dislike.  Funny that at the end of 30 days, I'm so grateful that I gave it a shot.

The last update I have as far as 30 Before 30 is my husband's new game.  He was sure he wouldn't have enough time to complete 30 special tasks in the next 13 months before he turns 30, so he's been thinking more along the lines of a bucket list.  Here is the idea that Mike sent him yesterday... I am officially afraid.

I know that he's had a epic beard (I think all photos have been destroyed), he has a scar from his cat when he was little that runs down his cheek, he has taken up smoking tobacco from a pipe (it lasted about as long as my three-day stint rolling my own cigarettes) and he has Glenlivet 18 at home right now and I'll be out of town this weekend... I wish him the best of luck on his own personal journey.

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