April 1, 2012

Ever-Changing Saturdays

Saturday is the one day each week that is never the same routine as the last week.  Every other day of the week has a certain routine.  Sundays involve a nice slow morning with some reading and coffee, a workout of some sorts during the day and some laundry.  Wednesdays include bingo or happy hour somewhere and the same meetings during the workday that the last Wednesday had.

Saturdays are more of a mystery.  Last Saturday, Katie & I dropped my mother off at the Half Time Rec and had a bloody mary.  12 hours later, the same things were happening at the same place except there was loud music and dancing.  We had a blast.

This Saturday started with my taxes, downloading new music and coffee.  We coordinated with some friends and went to the Lowertown Bulldog and enjoyed some bloodies, beer, coffee and hot dogs.  I am beginning my 30 days of being a vegetarian and also my 30 day yoga challenge.  All I wanted was a hot dog from the Bulldog.  It was a great group of friends and we chatted and had some lunch and some beverages and caught up.  Our waitress was one of a kind.  She was packing heat... literally.  She put her leg up on the wall to show us.  Here we are in downtown St. Paul in the artist's area and our waitress is a self-proclaimed redneck with a loaded gun.

The best part was the reaction:
Notice Emma's nervous laughter...
After lunch, we headed up to Blaine because we had babysitting duties.  We brought Maddie over to Holly's and had dinner with all three nieces and had some catch up time with Holly as well.  This even included a Taylor Swift dance party in the dark.  When a three year old is planning your evening, weird things happen.

So, I went from this last Saturday:

To this last night:

So, as much as routine is important in a person's life, I really enjoy having Saturdays as a free day, a different day each week.  It brings variety and adventure.  Enjoy your Saturday.

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