April 21, 2012

Clinking Drinks & Little Surprises

It brings me so much joy to see my friends enjoying themselves in St. Paul.  As I mentioned, my friend, Joe, moved last weekend to St. Paul and he joined us last night for a little patio time.  The sun was shining and we sat and clinked drinks to celebrate a nice little Friday afternoon.

I'm sure people get sick and tired of my endless love for St. Paul and the fact that I talk about it at least once in every social gathering, but I truly feel that it's completely underrated.  I am well aware that there is little nightlife in downtown and there is no baseball stadium or football field, but there are lots of Irish pubs, beautiful parks and history.  Have I sold you yet?  If not, don't admit it, because I promise, I will not stop.

On that note, I think I should get weekly checks from Keurig.  I have convinced 4 people to purchase these lovely coffee machines and have planted the seed with at least 3-4 more people.  I know that it seems like a waste of those little cups, but you can buy an insert so you can pour coffee grounds into the cup and you don't need to always buys and use up so much plastic.

Rewinding one more day, Katie found out some great news that isn't quite public yet to the world, but we decided it needed to be celebrated, so Annika & I planned a small surprise for her on Thursday evening.  We made a plan to meet across the street from her apartment at around 6:45, but I secretly went over there at 6:00 and Annika had strung streamers throughout the hallway and living room.  We put together awesome glow-stick glasses and made a "finish" line in the hallway for her to run through.  We had jalapeno poppers, taquitos (obviously, I didn't indulge in those meaty little rolls of amazing), red velvet cupcakes and Honey Weiss.  Annika got a little concerned about Katie getting a paper cut on her eye as she ran through the streamers, so we taped this to the front door:

I have not been so giggly and nervous for a long time.  We heard her keys jingling and started to panic, good thing we hit record on the camera.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  It is the little things that can be game changers.  It's the flowers you buy in the dollar section at Target and the 4 inch Ivy plant with a good luck balloon stuck in the dirt.  We laughed the whole night and had such a good time being ridiculous, and it's safe to say, Katie won't forget this for a long time.

Cheers this weekend to April Showers, Awesome Coffee & a new found love for radishes that I acquired yesterday as part of the "Fancy Greens" salad I ordered from the Liffey.  Congrats to Katie!

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