March 26, 2012

Living in the Shadow of a Star

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So, most people can play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon and connect themselves to someone famous.  I am such a lucky girl that I have a few famous friends.  We all know about Keith from Survivor that got totally screwed over by the small, scrawny red headed boy named Cochran on the 19th season of the show.  

I haven't yet introduced Mike Arver.  He is the adorable little blond boy in the photo above modeling a very stylish Cosby sweater back in 1990.  He was a child star and was very famous in Target sweater ads and movies filmed here in MN.  The ad above is my favorite, but there are more floating around the world somewhere.  I have been lucky enough to convince him to bring some to my house, which he did.  I waited until he left the room and proceeded to take pictures of them (that's how I got that beauty above with the really bad glare.)  

My friend, Mike, had fallen off my radar for a while after college until a beautiful BBQ last July.  We were able to catch up and got on the subject of work - it was meant to be, he came to interview with my husband the next day and got a job.  Poor kid would have to see J & I every day from now on.  We have dragged him along on many adventures since then including a wild trip through the boondocks of Wisconsin, a few Sunday Fundays, bingo Wednesdays and lots of drinking events in St. Paul.  We turned him into a hunter for the coveted medallion in January.  He keeps threatening to move to some far off distance land out west, but I think little by little, he is learning to appreciate all the wonders of St. Paul.  We're still working on getting him to just move here instead.

This was the best photo I found off of Facebook.

This last picture here is from Drop Dead Fred and the little boy in the striped shirt all the way on the right is Mike.  I told you, he is kind of a big deal.  So, besides being a movie star, his 30 before 30 list includes riding a horse down the freeway (really?), and he has been quoted saying "I can make Snooki references all day if I want."  

Dear Michael,
I am glad that you came back in my life... It is really tough living in your shadow.  I know people secretly recognize you when we're in public.  Seriously, we can actually connect you to Kevin Bacon:

Mike Arver

Drop Dead Fred (1991)

Phoebe Cates

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

Sean Penn

Mystic River (2003)

Kevin Bacon

Justin is currently working on your character page on IMDB.  I did google you and it wasn't impressive.  The internet does not give you credit for any of your masterpieces.  Pretty sure you are going to have to take me fishing this summer to repay me for all the nice things I do for you... just sayin'.


Also, please try out this website, it was a great find:  The Oracle of Bacon

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