February 3, 2012

When Your Friend Bounces

We just returned from witnessing one of Katie's "30 before 30" items.  She tried out for the St. Paul Bouncing Team.  This is the team that throws girls up in the air during parades.  This team started in 1886 with the very first St. Paul Winter Carnival.  Watching the tryouts was really cool, but for Katie, participating was even cooler.  She was a little nervous, but held herself together VERY well and did such an awesome job.  I am so happy we talked her into this, although it wasn't very hard.  I am so happy that she did it.  She flew super high.  She came in 5th out of 13 girls and they only take the top 2.  There is a little bit of politics involved in this judging and they made that pretty obvious, but Katie did awesome.

Here is her warm up video.  Reminder... SHE HAD NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE:

Here is the video from the 2nd round.  During her first bounce, she was a little off and decided to do the running man while in the air, but her second jump has perfect form.  She was eliminated after this round and the finalists were chosen.  We didn't stay to watch the end, but we will see the winners in tomorrow evening's parade.  At least she tried something new and was able to "fly" in the air :)

Katie has knocked one thing off her 30 before 30 project.  We worked on our lists after the competition at Great Waters Brewery Company.  There are a few "naked man" moves and a lot of travel and extreme sports, but it is so fun to talk about.  I think it helps everyone erase the anxiety that comes with getting older.  Setting goals is really important.

Tomorrow is the torchlight parade and after all of our efforts, we will not be involved in the parade at all, but we gave it our all.  Instead, we get to be on the sidelines and watch the amazing St. Paul past time that is the Winter Carnival torch light parade.  Hail Vulcans.

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