February 29, 2012

Snow My God

It's been a quiet winter here in Minnesota.  We have only shoveled three or four times.  Every time it snows a little bit, it melts before I can grab the shovel.  Last year, we lived through a few of the biggest snow storms in the world.

Here are a few photos from last winter's crazy snow:

Snow has actually deflated the Metrodome.  It was awesome and amazing.  So, when we heard that we were getting the storm of the year yesterday and today, I was a little bit excited.  I love seeing the snow pile up.  Shoveling is therapeutic for me.  I race Justin outside each day so I can be the one that shovels.  I was very excited this morning to run out and have 6 inches of snow.  Instead. it was a whole lot of slush with 2 inches of pretty snow on top of it.  I just hope this doesn't ruin our spring.  No snow = no water = no flowers?  I love winter, but I only love it as much as the rest of the seasons.

Today is also a day that only happens once every 4 years.  There isn't really that many exciting things about Leap Day.  It is Ja Rule's birthday.  That is pretty awesome.  On a sad note, Marsha Brady is crying today because Davy Jones passed away today.  Rare disease day is also February 29th.  So, I'm excited to have this day over with.

Tomorrow, we head to the Big Apple.  I will have lots of photos and stories with that experience.  Happy Slushie Leap Day.

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