February 6, 2012

Mondays = Lame

Monday is my least favorite day of the week and I'm sure that almost everyone would agree with me.  I had such a fun weekend and that just makes getting up on Mondays EXTRA hard.  I have a meeting right away at 8:30 AM each Monday, which I have to rush and get ready for.  I know I could be prepared Friday before I leave for the day, but it is sometimes really hard to get focused and remember the tasks from the week before.  Each Monday that goes by, I feel myself understanding Ron Swanson more and more...

On a different note, I had a wonderful weekend.  Friday night, as you saw, we went to support Katie at the bouncing team tryouts.

Saturday, my Grandma & Mom came to see me for a little while and then I bundled Quincy up in his Marty McFly vest and brought him to my dad's outdoor hockey game.  He coaches the St. Paul Blades - which is a High School Varsity Team made up of students from 7-8 public schools throughout the city.  From the game, I dropped the dog off and picked up my husband and a few friends and we made the trek downtown for the Torchlight Parade (a.k.a. Vulcan Victory Parade.)  My sister-in-law and her family came down as well and we watched the whole parade and the cheesy acted out fight scene between the Winter Royal Guard and the St. Paul Vulcans.  The weather was beautiful.  It was so awesome to have so many different things to do outside that night.  We headed to Wild Tymes after the parade to watch some live music and hang out for a while.  We made it until midnight... dicey I know.

Sunday, we had a date with Kenzy, our 3 year old niece, to go to the Children's Museum.  They have 2 new exhibits, one called Grossology about bougars, vomits and other nasty bodily functions, and the other new one is called Storyland, which allows children to walk through some of their favorite stories.  We had so much fun and were absolutely exhausted by the end of it.  On the car ride back to her house, I had the funniest conversation with this extremely intelligent 3 year old:

Kenzy:  Auntie Steph, I have a lot of secrets to tell you.
Me:  Are they your secrets?
Kenzy: They are everyone's secrets.
Me:  Do people tell you secrets a lot?
Kenzy:  No, I'm a good listener.  I hear other people's secrets.

I had to do everything in my power to not laugh out loud, but I immediately warned her mother when I dropped her off.  This kid probably overhears a lot and now has more power than a 3 year old should have :)  The fact that she is extremely cute with big blue eyes and blond curly hair doesn't help.  Once we dropped her off, Holly invited us to stay for the beginning of the Super Bowl.  We had so much fun laughing with the kids, drinking a few beers and eating Wyatt's dinner.  He used Tomato Basil Soup instead of marinara sauce.  It was awesome mixed with noodles and chicken.

The Super Bowl was lame and the Giants suck.  Madonna did a decent job.  Her new song sounds like it was written for Miley Cyrus.  There were a lot of pom poms flying around.  LMFAO made an appearance and was comical as always.  Nicki Manaj is always fun.  It was definitely better than the Rolling Stones were.  The  commercials were pretty funny.  My favorite was the M&M commerical:

Tonight is our second go at Films with Friends evening.  Our category is adapted screenplay and the votes are still coming in.

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