January 26, 2012

Hunting for Treasure

Tuesday night, we went out and the picture here shows our pure joy that our favorite activity of the whole winter had arrived and we were outside in Highland Park digging and laughing and maybe enjoying an adult beverage.  No luck the first night, but there were lots of hunters out and about.  Last night, we got in the car and did some exploring and then after a Mac & Cheese hot dog at the Lowertown Bull Dog, we called it an early night.

Here we are on Thursday and we are getting really fired up to get on the hunt tonight.  Katie & I both have tomorrow off, so there could be an all night dig followed by breakfast, a quick nap and some more digging... you never really know.  I will post some more photos and possibly a video as the night progresses.  I ever received an upgraded headlamp from a coworker, so that is a great sign.

So, we will be out and about this evening around St. Paul & Ramsey County.  Stop us & say hi if you wish.  I'll keep everyone posted on our hunt.

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