January 18, 2012

Learning about Winterstick

J has taken up a new hobby in the recent years after growing up a California boy - surfing and skateboarding all over SoCal.  He has taken an interest in snowboarding. We are watching Standard Snowboard Show - episode "Tahoe Early Days" and we heard the best line ever. Snowboarder about skier "People really think I could take a guy seriously when he's standing there yelling at me with super tight pants?" Snowboarding has only been a widely practiced sport for the last decade or so. Back in the 80's and 90's, skiers would look down on snowboarders. Hardcore skiers that were heavy mountain riders appreciated snowboarders, but the "weekend warriors" couldn't stand them.

 In Squaw Valley, they didn't even allow snowboarders on the mountain until the 1989-1990 season. The first few years were rough for the shredders because people didn't understand the sport and only the heavy hitters of skiing appreciated this new take on mountain riding and the talent these young men had. Lake Tahoe was the birth place of free style snowboarding. They created small half pipes and had all the guys with video cameras really taping the action. It was nowhere near the magnitude these athletes have taken the sport to today.

Have you ever seen the winter stick? They called it a surfboard for the snow. These were created in 1972 and they are still in business today. There were no boots involved like you see now. It was a simple strap over your feet. The company is now celebrating 40 years and giving away a current snowboard that has the original style. http://winterstick.com/info.php?info=win_a_swallowtail

I have never been really into Fuel TV, but watching the origins of the sport was fascinating. I am a skier. I don't have the balance to plant both feet to one object. I couldn't skateboard, surf or snowboard. I tried one time to surf the hillside with my brother helping me. He is a pro. I couldn't even get up the toe rope on the bunny hill while all the 9 year olds went cruising by. It was so humiliating. I put my skies on and enjoyed being out on the slopes.

 The history is extremely interesting, but I also love the outfits they were wearing. I LOVE being a child of the 1980's.  Here are some of the best photos.  Google Keith Kimmel, Chris Roach and Terry Kidwell.  Those are the best guys we watched.  Check out FuelTV.

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