January 21, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Kennedy

Our niece (and Justin's Goddaughter), Kennedy, turned one yesterday.  This year has flown by.  She is the first "second child" niece and has been the easiest for us to get our hands on.  She has a personality very different from her sister and her cousin.  It's so fun to watch the three girls grow up together.  Having cousins around the same age is something that I didn't really have growing up, but Justin had so many cousins and almost all of them are close to his age.  Kennedy is just one of those easy going babies that laughs all the time.  She laughs at the sound of her laugh.  I'm including my favorite pictures of her from the last year.

Still in the hospital - this is the first picture we saw of her.
Hot pink skirt... all 3 month olds look like boys.
First food = avocado
Boatin' Boji Baby

Her facial expressions kill me.

By 9 months, she would see the camera get ready to flash and would smile HUGE!

Almost one... celebrating her first Xmas.

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