January 19, 2012

Bucket List? Do you have one?

So on top of my obsession with Pinterest, I found a new blog topic that lots of ladies & gentlemen my age are participating in.  The first one I read was the 30before30project but if you Google "30 before 30," you will find tons of examples.  I have never really thought about a Bucket List, in fact, that movie had 2 of my favorite people but was extremely depressing.  I like the idea of 30 before 30.  I am a little terrified to turn 30, even though it's still about 3 and a half years away.  My husband has only a year and a half.  If I make this list, I think I will get even more excited about turning 30 and knowing the things I accomplished.  What kind of things do you put on this list?  Let's look at some from bucketlist.com:
  • Go to the Jersey Shore - Bahahahahaha.  I totally want to go to Seaside Heights and do the Jersey Turnpike.  Not sure that I want to publicly announce that as a goal of mine though.
  • Backpack Europe - This seems like something I would definitely put on my list.  Put some money away and find a place to house my dogs for 2 weeks.  We're big kids now so taking an entire summer seems unrealistic, but it doesn't say backpack for months... let's keep this on the list.
  • Conquer my fears -  Really? One rule to follow is BE SPECIFIC.  These vague items on the list just pathetic.  That being said, I wish that person the best of luck to conquer their fears.
  • Eat an entire KFC bucket to myself - Now that's what I'm talking about.  I love it.
  • Raise over $1000 for charity -  I like this one if you plan to do something to raise it.  The polar plunge scares the crap out of me, but it would be one way to put yourself out there.  I think running a 5k would be great as well especially if was something a little different.
  • Fly first class - I would like this to be my entire life going forward.  
  • Zip line through the jungle - I would change this just a little.  I would like to zip line in Alaska.  My dad & godparents zip lined in Costa Rica and loved it, but I think the mountains in Alaska would be breathtaking.
  • Knit a scarf - Already completed this.  Yes!
  • Try 5 new things with peanut butter - I made this one up myself... I guess I know where my head is at.  Peanut butter and Macaroni & Cheese are my favorites.
  • Complete a 365 day photography project - I've seen a few people start this on face book and never finish it.  It reminds me of P90X.  This could be fun and challenging.  It forces you to find something beautiful each and every day and I appreciate that.  What a fun challenge.
  • Have a Disney Adventure - I absolutely think this belongs on my list.
  • Learn to break dance - No words.
Definitely something to think about.  I recommend everyone comes up with a list and then shows it to me so I can use it to create my list.  If I had all the money in the world, my list would be extremely extravagant, but instead, it's about accomplishing things for yourself.  It's about trying new things, setting realistic goals and making a few lifelong dreams come true... like getting my picture taken with Ariel in front of Cinderella's Castle.  By my 27th birthday, I will have a list.

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