October 24, 2011

Ahhh... TV is back and I have a date with my couch

Fall brings so many of my favorite things:
  1. Television (the item in my living room that makes me stupider) - old favorites are back and brand new shows are catching my attention... this year - I am falling in love with New Girl.
  2. The weather - 60 degrees is my happy place.  I couldn't live in a world that it was that temperature all day every day, but I love the feeling of boots & sweaters and snuggling in without being bone chilling cold.  The sound of leaves blowing down the sidewalk brings back so many memories of walking to school when i was little with my brand new catholic plaid uniform and lunchbox. 
  3. The colors - obviously, I love the fall colors... that was obvious in my last blog.
  4. Pumpkins & bonfires - the outdoor activites that go with my favorite weather include afternoons picking out pumpkins, trick-or-treating with my nieces at zooboo, corn mazes and bonfires.
  5. Busy busy busy at work - everyone seems to want to wrap up remodeling projects before the holidays and get their house in tip top shape before their in-laws and out of town relatives come to stay and celebrate thanksmas (the month between thanksgiving & christmas) so business is crazy.  When you add that to cleaning up year end accounting areas - it's CRAZY but the days fly by.
  6. World series, oh yeah and I like football now.
Our bathroom installation is close to complete, plus we received a free laundry room full of new cabinets, countertop & new washer/dryer so I will finally have some storage in the laundry room.  My allergies are in full swing and making me crazy but I can't help having the windows open and cuddling in at night with the dogs and my husband.  I've been reading The Happiness Project and also I am taking some advice and visiting my168hours.com website which is supposed to help gain some time back in your day by identifying where time is wasted.  I will share what i find out if it's worth anything.

We spent saturday with the Johnson girls and we had a blast.  We started with lunch at Tavern on Grand with Kendra, La, Ava, Anna and my mom.  Kids are so funny and entertaining, but at the same time, they are exhausting :)  We listened to Taylor Swift to and from the restaurant and I was instructed numerous times to turn it up louder.

After lunch, we had some quiet time at home and watched Little Mermaid.  Once movie/nap time was over, the costumes were put on and we headed to Como Zoo for zooboo.  It is their biggest fundraiser.  Kenzy was Ariel and Kennedy was Flounder.  There was a huge line, but once we got in, it was a great time.  Kenzy was able to trick or treat all over the zoo and instead of just giving away candy, they had granola bars, coloring books, a light blub, toothbrushes, stickers and more.

We headed home for movie night after the zoo and everyone changed into pajamas.  We watched Tangled and Up and made popcorn.  Sleeping all in one room was quite an adventure.  Kennedy and I got to have some early morning bonding time again, which I have really missed since being in Okoboji.  After breakfast and watching Up again, their mama came with coffee for us in hand and whisked away the girls back home.

It is always so much fun hanging out with them and watching them get bigger, but each and every time, I'm completely exhausted.  I have so much respect and amazement for my sisters and my mother in law.  Can you imagine all three of those kids 5 days a week?  I'm tired just thinking about it.  so tonight, I'm vegging and catching up on my real housewives.

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