September 16, 2011

My Mom's Cucumber Dip

As simple as it is, this is my absolute favorite dip.  I ask my mom to make it for every party or get together.  It's perfectly paired with the ruffle chips that are a little thicker.  I finally just got the recipe myself so I can make it WHENEVER I want.


1 or 2 blocks of cream cheese (low fat fine works too)
1 or 2 Cucumbers, chopped and drained (no seeds.)  Drain by squeezing chopped cukes in paper towel
1 small onion chopped

Mix cucumber and onion into cream cheese, adding GARLIC PEPPER (quite a few shakes) and a bit of GARLIC SALT to taste.  If I have it I shake in a little Mrs. Dash too.

Chill and serve with sturdy potato chips

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