September 24, 2011

Goodbye Summer

Summer of 2011 is officially over and I am greeting autumn with open arms.  There is something wonderful and comfortable about 50 degree mornings, trees turning colors, tv premieres, hot drinks, boots, sweaters, leggings, football, chili, slow cooker meals that make the whole house smell wonderful, bonfires, apples and all things wonderful.

Yesterday evening, we went to Brent & Kirsten's for a bonfire/cookout with some old college friends.  We had so much fun.  Joe Peters was there and it's been a while since I've had the pleasure of hanging out with him.  It was like the house full of newly weds :)  We have a wedding to go to with them next weekend in Chippewa Falls for Emma's exboyfriend, seems like it would be a little bit weird, but he's always been a good friend of mine and Justin's.  Plus, I will get to see Kendra & Ava and go to see the Leinie's fall collection.

So, goodbye to summer and hello to my favorite season.  Plus, congrats to my father who just got a job coaching another high school hockey team.

September 16, 2011

My Mom's Cucumber Dip

As simple as it is, this is my absolute favorite dip.  I ask my mom to make it for every party or get together.  It's perfectly paired with the ruffle chips that are a little thicker.  I finally just got the recipe myself so I can make it WHENEVER I want.


1 or 2 blocks of cream cheese (low fat fine works too)
1 or 2 Cucumbers, chopped and drained (no seeds.)  Drain by squeezing chopped cukes in paper towel
1 small onion chopped

Mix cucumber and onion into cream cheese, adding GARLIC PEPPER (quite a few shakes) and a bit of GARLIC SALT to taste.  If I have it I shake in a little Mrs. Dash too.

Chill and serve with sturdy potato chips

September 14, 2011

Oh Keith

Have you ever watched a reality TV show on your television in your living room and known the person you were watching?  It happened to me tonight and it's bizarre.  A good friend from college who I haven't seen in a few years is on the season of survivor that premiered tonight.  He made it through week one and barely said anything on tonight's episode, but that's OK, he laughed a lot and I think he'll do just fine.

Justin is headed to Kansas City and then to Arkansas the rest of this week.  I'm off tomorrow to spend some time with my grandmother and start the process of teaching her how to use the gas pump at a self serve gas station... i know, you ask if there are anything other than self serve gas stations anymore?  Yes, there is one full service in the metro area and she drives quite a ways to go to it... we have to move passed that and I really think if she can figure out how to pump gas, she will view it as a big victory for her.  After hanging with my 76 year old grandma for a while, I'll be taking my 3 year old niece out for ice cream sundaes to hear about her very first day at preschool without mom & dad.  They had a trial run on Tuesday and it went very well, but it will be just her tomorrow and she seems excited now... I definitely don't want to be in nicole's shoes - she is dropping her off.  Not having children has saved me from being an active part of any tantrums and I don't think you can really understand how to handle them until you do it often.  I can't believe she's already going to be wearing her "pack-pack" and going to preschool.  They grow up insanely fast, but I LOVE that she has conversations with us now.  She gets justin into a corner and he can't escape.  Anyways, back to J, he is helping his grandparents move from Arkansas to MN and into my in-law's basement.  It will probably be a pretty stressful trip for him.  He also spent half of his ride today with our CEO... hmmmm.  Opportunity? I hope he sees it that way.

First frost of the year tonight as well.  Happy fall... oh wait, maybe fall is over right as it begins.  Let's hope winter isn't here to stay in the middle of September.  My mums are in the sink right now.

September 11, 2011

Timmy & Jen

I forgot one final thing.  My brother has a new girlfriend named Jen.  She's from South Dakota and has a twin brother and really likes shoes.  She smiles non stop and did a great job meeting our entire family at my Grandfather's service.  And, she puts up with my brother's cowboy boots and loud trucks.