June 11, 2011

Hyannis, Mass

We arrived this afternoon in Hyannis, Mass.  We had a pretty easy flight into Boston.  The only exciting thing that that happened was the little boy behind Rhonda threw up on his pants and his brother and the older man in front of me had a super creepy ponytail that I wanted to pull on.

Once we got our rental car, we attempted to navigate our way out of Boston and ended up in neighborhoods that we didn't belong, but once we hit the tunnel under downtown, we knew we'd make it.

We drove the Ford Escape until we reached Plymouth.  We had lunch at Mamma Mia's - tortellini for me (it was a HUGE plate) and bbq chicken pizza for everyone else.  We then walked in the rain down the shore for a while.  We checked out the Mayflower 2, but we were unaware that it's not the Mayflower but a replica, so we passed.  I bought a $4 umbrella that didn't really work.  We saw the Plymouth Rock - it's a tiny rock now in a cage because people continued to chip pieces off of it.

We took 3A south to the Cape Cod Canal and then we took 6A until we reached Hyannis.  It was a beautiful drive with LOTS of antique shops. 

Once we arrived in Hyannis, we checked into the Hyannis Harbor Hotel.  It is a great place with a BEAUTIFUL exterior including bar/grill, outdoor pool, fire pit, courtyards and each room has a small outdoor space.  The inside isn't as pretty, but still would recommend to any traveler.  It's across from the harbor and the boats come in and out all day.  It reminds me of Duluth and the lift bridge back home.

We walked down main street and had a beer and dessert at the British Beer company - I tried a Mayflower IPA and then a Cape Cod Blonde.  Justin had a Cape Cod Red and a piece of peanut butter pie.  After snacks, we shopped for a bit - found a great gift for brian & tiff's wedding - the "red-neck wine glass" which is a mason jar attached to a wine glass bottom.  Fantastic.  We had dinner at a nice place called Schooner's and I tried crab cakes for the first time with a glass of riesling.  I will definitely eat those again.  Any seafood put in front of me on the ocean is hard to turn down.  FRESH. 

We capped off the night at our hotel bar where we were able to write on the bar with chalk.  We played hangman and tick tack toe.  Tomorrow, we are bring Dan & Rhonda to Provincetown.

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