June 8, 2011

I Heart Countdowns

So, I read somewhere that planning your vacation is almost as stress reducing as going on the vacation and it prolongs the positive impacts.  Since I read that, I decided that it was necessary to let the others joining me on my adventure to start getting excited even though I did the planning.  I started at 10 days and today is 3 days away and I'm still PUMPED.  I'm now working on confirming all the confirmations... I know - do I have a control problem or what?  Can't wait to share some photos with you.

Also, family pictures happened last weekend and we received the shots yesterday... here is the lovely family I married into.

i love the face on kenzy.  she was not happy to be taking pictures in the heat
Then, lucky me, last night I got to hang out with Maddy and take some photos of her since she's 9 months old this month.  Here is my favorite of the evening.  It was 103 degrees outside and all she wanted were my Burberry sunglasses and to sit on my parents' fountain in their backyard.

Being an auntie is one of my favorite things.  On that note, Kendra is having her baby any day now.  We went to Eau Claire on Saturday to shop for baby clothes while the boys bonded over beers.  Kendra was sure that she would have the baby yesterday... didn't happen.  She did get to enjoy a mocktail that resembled a sex on the beach and we stopped and got Olson's ice cream.  I really hope she has a little red headed baby... we will find out soon. 

Time to wrap up work stuff and start packing.

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