June 13, 2011

Cloudy without Rain (Provincetown)

Our Sunday plan was to explore P-town (Provincetown) and show J's parents where we got engaged.  That town is one of our favorite places.  It is surrounded by water on 3 sides - the Provincetown Harbor to the west, Cape Cod Bay to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the east.  We had Dunkin Donuts for breakfast - other than the fact that the employee there couldn't understand our coffee orders, it was impressive.  We headed out there using highway 28 instead of 6 (the main route), we cruised through small little nautical towns and saw some of the most beautiful homes and coves.  The fog was starting to thicken, so it gave it a very peaceful and calm feeling.

Once we arrived in town and parked, we navigated the narrow streets until we reached the town hall.  We brought them inside to see and then snapped some photos of the outside.  They have resided since we were here in 2007 and it's green & yellow now.  We caught the trolley tour and froze for about 45 minutes as we cruised out to the national seashore and got the history of the little town.  We ate lunch at an overpriced and underimpressive restaurant where the only thing worth the money was the service.  We then climbed the 116 steps and 60 ramps of the Pilgrim Monument only to find out that with the fog, we couldn't even see the parking lot below us.  Dan purchased 4.97 pounds of taffy that will be following us around for a few days now.  He was definitely on a sugar high the rest of the day.  We browsed some shops and then returned to our favorite pizza place "Twisted Sisters" for a slice and a beer - helped make up for lunch.

We left Provincetown and headed back down 6A.  Once we got back in town, we had a beer at the hotel bar and a snack and then headed to the local movie theater to see bridesmaids.  It was bad weather and that was a great way to laugh and wind down the day.

I think we're going to skip Martha's Vineyard this trip because of the bad weather we've been seeing.  Also, I slept in until 8:00 AM today... that is so crazy for me, but now I'm wired and in need of my usual morning coffee, news and shower.  I'll have my phone with the camera today, so I'll upload some photos.

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