June 22, 2011

Boston - You Got Me Again

After our first night, I was too excited to be back in Beantown that I couldn't find time to log our activity.  We had such a great time.  I would highly recommend our hotel, the Charlesmark Hotel, in the back bay.  It is an old town home turned into a store and some apartments and then in 2000, a man bought it and turned it into a beautiful boutique hotel in a great part of town. 

We had some wonderful food.  I ate crab cakes and lobster for the first time.  The claws were fantastic - easily the best part.  We had fruit tart and chocolate cake at "Modern Pastry" in the North End.  We ate a few times at Quincy Market and had some great canoli's and mac & cheese.  There was some fantastic greek food and bbq.  It was all fantastic.

Justin & I did the Sam Adams Brewery tour on Thursday and had so much fun.  Poor Dan & Rhonda went on a whale watch and Rhonda and 95% of the other passengers threw up the entire time.  They still had some fun, but I can't imagine puking that much would be fun for anyone.  We made it to the JFK Library & Museum and that was very well put together.

We walked around the Harvard campus and the Boston Common and the public gardens.  We took the tour of Fenway Park which was SOOOO worth it for any baseball fan... even if you like the yankees :)  We ended our fun adventure with a nighttime ballgame - Red Sox vs. Brewers and the Sox won 10-4.  Here are some of the photos from beantown...

this is the front of our hotel - it overlooks the finish line of the boston marathon
boston bruins were playing game 6 and 7 while we were in town which was AMAZING.  the whole town had decorated themselves including the paul revere statue you see here.  the bruins ended up winning the stanley cup on wednesday night.  it was awesome!

fenway park - it was all ours
dan, j & i with our lobster bibs on
j & i in the courtyard behind the old north church

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