May 31, 2011

Yikes... Almost a month gone by again

So here I sit, the last day of May.  I just got home from the gym... I've also been tanning which is new to me but I don't want to get burned on my trip where I will be relaxing on the beach in Hyannis, Mass for 4 full days and then wandering through the old twisted cobblestone streets of Boston for 4 days.  We leave in 11 days and I can barely handle the excitement.

The last three weeks have been incredibly busy.  Here is a brief list of things done and accomplished.  I'm sorry if you're looking for more detail, but I just can't provide it at this time.  See, I just purchased the 3rd season of True Blood and I go into work later tomorrow and I'm trying Sam Adams new East-West Kolsch.
  • took Kenzy to the zoo and rode the teacups, the choochoo train, she ate her first ice cream cone and rode on the swings all by herself for the first time... she drug us back to the giraffes time after time
  • had a VIP dinner with my grandparents at Schroeder's and half the Gregerson family joined us - it was Papa's birthday and their dining room was full, so they set up the upstairs private party room and lit candles and served us upstairs.  It was such a special dinner.
  • went to the Usher concert and danced my ass off at Sneaky Pete's with Justin, Jason & Kirsten - it was amazing
  • got a hotel in downtown Minneapolis that was super swanky and had a staycation
  • turned 26
  • J turned 28
  • had a fantastic dinner with kendra & adam including beers and ice cream sundaes
  • J went to milwaukee for work and I went to happy hour 2 nights in a row for my birthday surprising him with a double slice of death by chocolate cake as soon as he returned
  • Papa fell on spilled ice cream at the mall and broke his hip (he's recovering now at the good samaritan center transitional unit)
  • Hosted a birthday party at my parent's house with about 15-20 of our best friends
  • Saw pirates of the caribbean (the newest one) on stranger tides and Hangover 2
One night in bangkok and the world's your oyster... classic movie.

I'll attempt to check in again before our trip, but it will be hard... I will be busy.  I have a crazy work week and then garage sale saturday and then family photos on sunday... then another crazy work week and then we leave at the crack of dawn on Saturday 6/11.  WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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