March 15, 2011

The Golden Rules

I wasn't alive in the "good old days" where kids could run through neighborhoods after dark with no worries and you didn't have to lock your house.  Where gas was 10 cents a gallon and everyone walked uphill to school every day... :)  But I do like to think that there are still people out there who make the little gestures each day to others.  Perfect example is buying the coffee for the person behind you in the drivethrough lane.  Usually it comes full circle.  My sister in law has had it happen to her numerous times and she's a teacher.  Imagine what an extra bit of kindness can do in her day, it can impact hundreds of children.

The story I heard on the radio this morning is what made me want to comment on this.  A lady called into mytalk107 and said she went out on a girl's night for beer and wings a few weeks ago and they saw a group of soliders head into the bar.  They bought them their first round as a way to say thank you for your service.  As they were leaving a few hours later, the manager of the bar went running out to the group of seven girls and thanked them for doing that.  He was so grateful that there were people like them in this world still that he gave them each a $50.00 gift card for doing that.

My husband is a big believer in thanking the troops of this country, anyway he can.  He would have loved that story.  His latest kind act is to secretly buy dinner for any vets that come into our local neighborhood bar/restaurant.  He tells the server not to let them know and usually they think the bar bought it... but that's the beauty.  No credit needed.

So please give back.  Even if it's just letting someone with one item go in front of you and your entire cartful at the grocery store or holding the door for a mom trying to get 3 kids into a restaurant.  Spend an hour a week, month or year helping your community or give a few bucks.  Most important, be thankful for others around you that do something for you.

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