December 7, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

I felt like sharing my new favorite holiday wallpapers for my computer.  If they had a smell, it would be evergreen and holly berry.

I also discovered that ABC Family does the "25 Days of Christmas" which I decided I would check in with every night.  It saves me from having to Netflix all the holiday movies that I LOVE to watch, but refuse to spend $20.00 since I only watch them once a year.  The first night was Santa Clause 3 with Tim Allen & Martin Short.  They had a Harry Potter weekend, which doesn't make much sense to me other than the fact that the Half Blood Prince comes out on dvd tomorrow and Warner Bros paid them to pump fans up to buy the new release, which we totally will.

My dumb ass purchased christmas cards this year from shutterfly, but instead of selecting 50, apparently I only bought 12 and paid the same for shipping.  So tonight, I had to order more.  It's stupid things like that that really make me feel like an idiot.

Although it may not seem like it with all my ramblings of christmas cards and movie marathons, I do look forward to the holiday party season.  We went to the Johnson's 4th annual naughty or nice party this past weekend.  It was an absolute blast.  We haven't found funny presents in the past to bring, but this year we looked in advance and found "jingle jugs" which bounce up and down to the song "titties and beer" and we bought a mouse pad that instead of a gel wrist pad, there are boobs there to support your wrist and save you from carpel tunnel (spelling?)  Needless to say, they were quite a hit.  We came home empty handed.  I fought over some scratch offs that were big fat losers.  Holly did pack us numerous tupperwares full of food leftover.  Below is a picture of the Fatty Patty, which was by far the most hysterical gift there.

Horrible or classy?  Remember, I'm still trying to define that word.  Anyways, this weekend the party circuit envolves holiday "open house" with all the high level managers from work at the owner's house, my mother's famous cookie exchange (I never get invited, I just show up and steal cookies) and some good old fashioned drunk baking with Mary on sunday.  In the meantime, I'll let everyone know if I find any good holiday deals.  Cheers to full glasses of eggnog and Fatty Patty.

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