August 18, 2009

Bike Rides and Bad Minnesota Accents

Justin and I started our "exercise" plan last night.  We took the dogs for a walk, only about a 1/2 mile because they were naughty and barked at just about everything.  Lola was apparently threatened by the plastic they have on the side of the school right now while they are doing renovations.  The plastic would blow in the wind and she would lunge towards the school with the hair up on her back like she was about to attack.  Quincy on the other hand, spotted a white fluffy dog (his personal favorite) and started barking and it took him 3 long blocks to stop.  If he's really trying to impress these white dogs, I don't understand why he chooses the girly squeals and screeches when he tries to communicate.  Following our doggy adventure, we took a bike ride.  I'm just thankful and shocked that my legs aren't too sore to walk this morning.

After our exercise, we watched the movie Fargo that we had netflixed.  A few things:
  1. I didn't see Paul Bunyon's name in the credits, but I'm pretty sure they showed his statue like 15 times in the movie, with no real relevance.  
  2. I am not pleased with the ending.  I don't feel like I figured anything out.  I really liked the Coen Brothers stuff I have seen so far, like the Big Lebowski, Burn After Reading and O Brother, Where Art Thou?
  3. The Minnesota accents were so ridiculous that I think they may have been the sole reason why Justin did not like the movie.  He gave it a 6.  Better luck next time.
So far this morning, Justin has already dropped blackberry in toilet and I will be having peanut butter and banana toast.  We'll see how this week pans out.

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