July 30, 2009

One of those weeks

I'm about ready for another vacation.

Work has been out of control this week.

Funny bit of information, J was reading the Terminator booklet today and the most ironic thing was listed in the info section.  O.J. Simpson was originally the front runner for the terminator but James Cameron did not believe that he could play a vicious killer, so they picked Arnold instead.

Now the guy who played the vicious killer is the governor of the great state of California and the guy who was too nice to play that part is locked up in prison and was the main suspect in a brutal double homicide.  Funny how the world works.

July 26, 2009

Saints Game & a 1st Birthday

Our niece, Mackenzy turned one on friday and we celebrated her first birthday this weekend with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party.  She is such a sweetheart.  She is the reason why I'm a firm believer that nieces and nephews are the greatest thing for people like me.  I'm still young, too young to have children, but I do love other people's children. 

For her birthday party, her mother got her a cake that she could stick her fingers into.  Apparently, Kenzy is a clean baby because she seemed to get offended and upset when her father got frosting all over her hands.  

Every gift that came out of a giftbag was Mickey Mouse, so Uncle Justin and I took a different approach.  We bought her all turtle themed presents because she seems to have an obsession with them.

The other gift we found was more from Uncle Justin.  A black hoodie that said rock and roll on the front.  She seemed to get right into character when she put it on, because she made the "justin face".  

On another note, we went to a Saints game this weekend, which I haven't done in a long time and Justin has never done.  Bill Murray knows how to make baseball fun.  It was the night of the nerd pride parade.  The nachos are HUGE and a great price of $4.00 and beer was flowing, also for a good price.  We made friends with the 5 year old behind us who was teaching us new cheers.

I'm hoping that with the new Target Field being built next year, it will feel more like the saints game.  I love the outdoor old-school baseball feel, like Fenway Park.

July 25, 2009

Missouri Baseball and the Home of Budweiser

Traveling to Missouri was a complete blast.  We reached the epidomy of all road trips by traveling down a small portion of Route 66.  I found myself craving a burger and fries and searching through the radio stations to find an oldies station.  We drove through the town of Springfield and saw Lincoln's gravesite.

Pulling into St. Louis, the freeway that went through the middle of town was closed down.  Our hotel was outside of town on the southwest side so we had to take the LONG way around St. Louis.  The hotel was in the most beautiful neighborhood where the local mall had never seen a J.C. Pennys and the closest thing to Macy's was a Saks 5th Avenue.

Busch Stadium was amazing.  It was a sea of red shirts filling the stands.  The temperature was not so great, it was a stifling 103 degrees the entire time we were there.  The Anheiser-Busch brewery was interesting.  At 10:00 in the morning, I wasn't really feeling the free samples at the end, which I'm pretty sure is the biggest reason people take those tours.  We had lunch at Blueberry Hill (I would recommend) which is filled with creepy little toys that you probably haven't seen since you were trading pogs in 3rd grade.  Drank all night at the Big Bang Piano Bar.  Don't go out of your way for this unless your hometown doesn't include a piano bar, because I've seen many and although they are very entertaining, they're essentially all the same.

Leaving St. Louis, we headed out on I70.  Let me tell you, all we saw was XXX bookstores/movie stores, fireworks stands and gas stations.  We got into Kansas City with no idea what to do there.  They have no big landmarks.  So when in doubt, find the local watering hole.

We stayed right downtown near the Power and Lights district.  That's about the only place in the city that has nightlife.   They have an awesome bowling alley that was just what we needed.  Kaufman Stadium was beautiful, but lost a little something because it was not located anywhere near the downtown area.

Another roadtrip, as good as any other...  so happy to have the new car.